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"Goddess of Agave"

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Benjamin Plumbing Supply

Benjamin Plumbing Supply has been a core fixture in the Tucson community since 1950. Not only do they sell the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom hardware, they’ve set a trend of giving back to the city they love. 

It’s impossible not to spot the businesses' storefront while cruising down 6th Street. The instantly recognizable “Goddess of Agave” mural greets patrons from its historic walls, housing a massive warehouse packed with stylish fixtures. 

Owned by the Burman family until their buyout by Central Arizona Supply in August of 2022, the new ownership hasn’t slowed down their spirit of giving or their top-notch customer service. Whether someone is coming in just to browse or looking to remodel their home, dedicated employees like Janet Blakley and Chelsea Begay are eager to help.

“It’s really nice to know we solve problems every day for people,” Blakley said.

And problem-solve they do. Sales consultants like Begay are experts in the product lines they offer, and deeply knowledgeable about the latest trends in home improvement. 

Since the pandemic, Begay said that a lot of customers that come in are looking to make their house feel more “homey” after spending so long indoors. Home renovation shows and social media make it easy for the customer to find exactly what they are looking for, and Benjamin Plumbing Supply has something for every taste, budget, and need.

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your space, here are the trends you should keep an eye on for your next project.

Clean and modern designs are popular for bathroom and kitchen fixtures, their best-selling categories of products. According to Begay, there’s been a massive shift from traditional design aesthetics to a more minimalist and functional look. 

Benjamin Plumbing Supply has everything and the farmhouse kitchen sink, which is now being fitted with accessories like cutting boards to create a practical prep station for the home chef. Sales of touchless faucets have risen, and matte black and gold finishes have replaced the standard silver. 

In the bathroom, vessel sinks that sit on top of the bathroom counter are growing in popularity. The organic look is trending with these, and vessel sinks carved out of stone add a unique touch. Walk-in showers and “wet rooms” – an open concept shower and bath area – are the newest ways customers are modernizing their bathrooms.

An unexpected pandemic bathroom trend has risen as well: the Washlet. Yes, we’re talking about toilets! Produced by Toto, the Washlet comes equipped with a remote-controlled electronic bidet. Begay said that the toilet paper shortage during the pandemic caused bidets to surge in popularity as a sustainable and energy-saving alternative, a trend she says has yet to die down..

Freestanding tubs in a variety of materials are also soaring off the sales floor, but added benefits like jets point toward a larger health trend.

“A lot of those things help with blood circulation, sore muscles, just overall well-being,” Begay said.

Begay and Blakley aren’t just interested in the well-being of their customers, though. They care about the well-being of Tucson too, and Benjamin Supply Company is involved with many philanthropic efforts throughout the city.

Setting the trend for sustainability, the Burman family set up shop in the historic Tucson Warehouse and Transfer Building, which was constructed in 1918, and ultimately saved the building from being torn down for a roadway. While the family owned the business, they donated supplies, money, and time to organizations like Habitat for Humanity and to refurbish St. Luke’s Home, a local assisted living community. 

Blakley said that with their new ownership, they’re looking for passion projects to invest back into the community. She said that Tucson has a culture of giving, and they’re looking to form volunteer teams to assist locally-controlled 501(c)3 nonprofits. Ramping up their sustainability efforts, she said that a program is in the works to prevent waste from going in the landfill by donating scrapped parts to local artists. On top of their extensive recycling efforts, they hope to see their waste reimagined into beautiful art pieces once this program launches. 

Not only is Benjamin Plumbing Supply a trusted and longstanding business in the Tucson community, it’s one that understands the importance of giving back. Many of its employees are either Tucson natives or longtime residents, and they see the value in working to improve their area alongside their customers’ homes.

“We have an imprint on this town,” Blakley said.

  • A farmhouse sink with a prep area fit for a chef.
  • Matte black and gold finishes are on trend for faucets.
  • Add an organic touch to your bathroom with a carved vessel sink.
  • The Benjamin Plumbing Supply showroom has something for every style.
  • Add a pop of color to your space with a rainbow of faucets.
  • "Goddess of Agave"