Bennett Galleries:

Colorful, Relaxed, Fun And Whimsical Art Source Anchored By Approachable, Lighthearted Professionals Ready To Assist

Life is an art, not a science. This concept is especially true at a local art gallery that exudes a powerful synergy of styles.

As a staple fixture of Green Hills shops since 1978, Bennett Galleries showcases contemporary fine art paintings, ceramics, sculptures and artwork by both established and emerging artists.

"Whether you're an experienced collector or just looking for your first piece to love, our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you find items by local, regional and international artists," says Elizabeth Perkins, who took over ownership of the shop in 2018, when the founder, Bill Bennett, retired. Prior to that, she had managed the two-story gallery for 20 years.

Because Elizabeth feels like a Bennett family member herself, she says the transition was a smooth, natural one not often noticed by customers due to the consistent approaches and the gallery's popular culture.

She adds that she can empathize with anyone new to art, because when she first joined the gallery's team she worked hurriedly to broaden her art knowledge beyond her first love of folk art and primitive or tribal pieces. "My husband's singer/songwriter [Randy Perkins, also known as Diggy of the band Dignus] career brought us to Nashville in 1994. Understanding so many facets of art was much like entering a foreign language immersion program," she recalls. 

"I always enjoyed art, and I really liked learning how to guide people in preferences and selections that made them happy. It was a God thing, you know," Elizabeth says, thinking back to her 25-year-old self. 

Bennett Galleries also is a full-service custom framing shop, and a novel place to find unique gifts and ready-made photo frames in the Nashville area. "We create custom archival framing, plus have a large selection of ready-made frames," says Elizabeth.

Given COVID-19 circumstances, she says people have been scrutinizing their homes more closely. "With so many working from home and cleaning out attics or closets, they found gems to frame and we were fortunate in that need spilled over to us. We continued to post and sell artwork online and social media, even out-of-state, often working with interior designers," shares Elizabeth.

Once mandatory business pandemic shutdowns allowed for reopening, she says the gallery was slammed with appointments. "We also ran artwork out to our parking lot so people could see options. We're super thankful for loyal customers and being able to keep the business going in different ways during this time. It's been awesome to see," Elizabeth adds. 

She says for the time-being they will continue to rely heavily on technology, perhaps even offering an online show for artists, such as Scott Hill, one of the gallery's best-selling artists and longest running painter. "Every 15 minutes here is different, and every one of us here are pros, so we can handle flexibility," she adds.

"Bennett Galleries has the best of the best in Nashville. We've all landed here for the long run," says the artistic owner who's now also grateful to witness an influx of new residents from other cities flocking to the Music City, all ready to decorate their homes to match their fresh beginnings. 

2104 Crestmoor Road

current schedule

  • The gallery's staffers wear masks, disinfect between clients and offer curbside pickup. 
  • Current operating hours are Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The gallery is closed on Sundays. 

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