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Best Face Forward

Expert tips on how to put your best face forward this fall

Fall is here, which means it’s time for cooler weather and a chance to don our favorite styles. Whether you’re wearing the latest trends or old favorites, the best way to accessorize is a fresh face with healthy and radiant skin. To help you prep your skin to look its best for fall and beyond, Kristine M. Reynolds, RN, BSN, owner and advanced aesthetic injector at K Medspa (, shares her expertise with must-know tips for healthy skin. As a nurse injector and owner of a local med spa, Reynolds uses her passion for both aesthetics and patient education to achieve the best results. “Improved skin hydration and regular upkeep helps slows down the aging process. If you choose to get professional services done, make sure the expert places an emphasis on looking as natural as possible,” she advises. “The better your skin’s condition, the more confident you’ll feel. The more confident you are, the better you look – no matter what you’re wearing.”

Hydrate and stay moisturized.

Drinking water regularly helps to not only keep your skin hydrated but also improves your overall health. Staying properly hydrated boosts your skin’s elasticity, helps to prevent wrinkles, and many other benefits. (How much should you drink? While advice varies, be sure to consult your personal healthcare professional.) In addition to proper water intake, using a quality daily moisturizer based on your skin’s needs is key for overall skin health.

Use SPF-based sunscreen year-round.

Separate from your moisturizer, Reynolds advises that locals use SPF-based sunscreen all year. “Oftentimes, a good moisturizer and an SPF-based sunscreen are separate,” she says. “I recommend a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50.” How do you know specific products that are meant for your unique skin? Reynolds suggests consulting a skincare professional who can give you advice tailored to your specific skincare needs.


Book skincare treatments with the pros.

Holiday festivities are just around the corner, and you want your skin to be in tip-top shape. Reynolds recommends booking exfoliation and illuminating treatments at a local, professional med spa to give your skin a fresh glow for fall and beyond. “Exfoliation treatments clear away dead skin cells and built-up dirt, and illuminating treatments help to brighten skin and smooth out pigmentated skin,” she explains.