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Nufeet Medical is the Perfect Blend of Podiatry and Beauty

Pedicures are essential for keeping your toes looking great, but when was the last time you checked on the health of your toes? That’s right, when was the last time you checked up on your feet? The truth is, foot health is very important to our quality of life and when left unchecked and ignored, can cause health problems. When our toes and feet are hurting, the rest of our body is too! 

Maintaining pain-free foot health is essential to maintaining overall health. NuFeet Medical offers non-surgical solutions to maintaining the health and wellness of your feet. They are absolutely committed to helping their many clients improve and maintain foot and toenail health and be their best selves. NuFeet Medical offers medical pedicures, toenail restoration, and ingrown corrections for clients in all stages of need. 

Located at 3636 Highlands Pkwy SE in Smyrna, NuFeet Medical is not like traditional nail salons. Its unique approach starts with Owner Erika Allison. Allison takes feet and toes very seriously. She started NuFeed Medical while still a student at the International School of Skin and Nails in Atlanta. She used her background in beauty and passion for helping people who need medical pedicures and nail restoration and opened NuFeet Medical. Her unique, Smyrna-based foot spa is sterile and diabetic-friendly. Her welcoming staff is friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. Plus, they are committed to offering luxurious pedicures that include options such as lavender salt scrubs, exfoliation treatments, and polishes. Allison’s approach blends medical and beauty to improve customers' health and feel beautiful. NuFeet truly offers a spa experience like no other.  It’s truly the best of both worlds. 

There is almost nothing as uncomfortable as foot and toe pain. If you’re having pain in your toes because of the shape of your toenails, or if you have healthy toenails but want that perfect, curved shape, a medical pedicure may work for you. If your toes are discolored, peeling, too thick, or in need of repair, NuFeet’s Medical technicians will get you up and walking, or even running, in no time. NuFeet Medical also offers ingrown correction services. Ingrown correction services can provide long-term results and also instant pain relief. All of NuFeet’s medical technicians are trained and stay up to date on sterilization procedures and safety precautions. They are even trained to work on the chronically ill and based on the condition of your feet and if any nails need to be restored, will recommend the best service for you and your unique needs. 

NuFeet Medical offers a wide variety of services for a wide range of clients. In many cases the pain relief is almost immediate. Newly polished feet will help you look and feel your very best. On their web page, there are many before and after images of happy clients. The results clients are experiencing speak for themselves.  

NuFeet Medical is truly a bridge between podiatry and beauty. It’s more than just a beauty treatment and more than just a product or traditional pedicure or foot massage service. NuFeet Medical is an important part of improving and maintaining your overall foot health and improving your quality of life. The way your toes look and have a huge impact on how you look and feel, from the inside out. Investing in NuFeet medical procedures also means investing in yourself for the long-term.  

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