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Best Friends

Portraits of Pets and Their Person

Garth Peters, Buckhead Coalition and Sir Norton of Wellesley - ‘Norton’ and The Duchess of Wellesley - ‘Nellie’

Norton is a Norwich terrier and was sired by a Westminster "Best in Breed." Norton was the runt of the litter but we fell in love with him the moment we met. The size of an Idaho potato, he sat in the palm of my hand…. and I never let go. Norton’s personality is best described as regal and his demeanor wise, with a strong bravado as the king of his realm. Nellie is a Norwich terrier. As a puppy, Nellie chose our family, thrusting herself on us and refusing to be left behind. She’s never far away from us, day or night, and her enthusiasm and love are infectious. She shares her presence, her love, and her beguiling personality. One Norwich is a joy, but two just make everything right with the world. Norton and Nellie are our family's heart dogs, our soulmates! Fun, loving, brave, and playful, that’s Norton and Nellie.

Christine Pullara, TV Host, Atlanta and Company, Channel 11 and Uno

We added Uno to our family a few months after Jim’s mom passed, as well as our sweet Lhasa, Ruby! I cannot tell you how much joy he brought to our lives! He is so sweet, smart, and playful. He loves everyone he meets. He enjoys long walks, catching the ball with his mouth and endless belly rubs. 

Curtis Douglass, principal of North Atlanta High School 

Drakey is a three-year-old Yorkie mix. Drakey is a rescue dog that was initially adopted by my daughter. When she and her family relocated, we agreed to house him. My wife and I had always wanted a dog but had deliberated due to our hectic schedules. However, Drakey showed us the joy and enrichment that pets can bring to your life, so we formally adopted him. Drakey is an early riser that steadfastly guards our home. He can be loving and is especially playful with children. In his spare time, he loves to take car trips and hang out at Piedmont Park. He can be very territorial—even when facing larger dogs—so we’re still working on his social skills!

Jim Newman, publisher of BuckHaven Lifestyle, and Sammy and Lucy

When my wife Darce and I were dating, she always wanted a dog but I wanted to stay free to travel. While I thought I put my foot down, next thing I knew, we had Samatha. I quickly grew to love Sam as did my son Daniel’s dog, a beautiful pit bull named Bear who stayed with us awhile. Once Bear left, Sam grew lonely and my wife wanted to get another rescue. I wasn’t crazy about two dogs in the house. Three weeks later my lovely wife brought Luci home from the pound and said let’s just keep her over the weekend and see. It took me almost a minute before I realized I really had to say NO and a another minute before I realized I really love this new dog too. Now they of course are family members that go everywhere with us and I can’t imagine not having them. I am so happy being the master of my domain!