Best Wishes for Health & Wellness this New Year

It’s the beginning of the year, and if you’re like me, you’ll find it’s a good time to reflect on the past year—what worked and what didn’t. The next thing I look at is whether there is anything I need to clear off my plate. 

Rebook your appointments and record your family and friends’ birthdays. As we’re regrouping in the new year, it’s helpful to write out lists of goals, including personal, business and health goals. Make sure checkups are part of your routine. Some of the most important ones include eyes, ears and teeth; then there’s mammograms, gynecologists, colonoscopies and heart checkups. 

Another important consideration is examining if some of us carry our own negative luggage; if so, maybe it's as easy as forgiving someone, so you can release the toxins of keeping it inside. When you forgive, it’s not really for the person you’re angry with, it’s for yourself. This year let’s make sure we put ourselves on the top of the list.

Another thing that is important is asking for help. Our partners, family and close friends know us so well, but we do need to ask for their help, as they are not mind readers. Learn to ask for what you need, but in return learn to be a good listener and think about what others might need also.

I also really believe in therapy. There are many forms—just getting your feelings out is so important. Try something new like meditation, yoga or a mindfulness class, or join a gym or hire a coach. Maybe find a buddy to walk or work out with to enrich your health and wellness. Ask yourself what you are doing to invest in yourself.

Let's make this a Happy New Year and a Happy You!

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