Bethany Village

A Dayton Tradition Remodels for Modern Needs

For almost 50 years, Bethany Village and its iconic apartment building known as “The Tower” have been a landmark in the South Dayton area. Now this building, properly known as Vista Place, is getting a remodeling update, to bring it to the level of luxury that characterizes the rest of the continuing care retirement community.

The project is the result of the changing needs of older adults, said Dana Lynch, director of sales, independent living, and assisted living. “Originally the apartments were very small,” she explained, noting that they typically ran less than 1,000 square feet. This was typical and expected in the 1970s, when overall sizes of living spaces were smaller than they are now; however, “couples are wanting larger spaces,” Lynch said, driving the need for a fresh look at how Vista Place is organized.

Bethany Village knew that the larger floor plans would be popular, from its experience with Park Ridge Place, another apartment building on campus. This three-story building offers apartments that run 1,100 to 1,400 square feet, and there is always a waiting list for apartment openings.

With that knowledge and an understanding of their target population, Bethany Village undertook the project of remodeling Vista Place. The project involved turning blocks of five apartments into two. One floor plan will include one bedroom and a den, in a total of 1,200 square feet; another unit will have two bedrooms and a total of 1,600 square feet. “We want it to be luxurious,” Lynch said. Overall 20 new apartments will be created.

One unique feature of the new Vista Place apartments will be the views. As the building is a high-rise, many of the units will have unobstructed views of the skyline and the features of the Bethany Village campus.

Apartment units are not the only changes at Vista Place. The lobby will also be redone, and all residents of the building will have access to upgraded common spaces. Vista Place will also maintain one of the most enjoyed features of Bethany Village: the connected walkways between buildings that allow residents to move from one building to another without the need to go outside.

Not so long ago, most people thought of retirement communities as “homes,” characterized by cramped rooms and a hospital-like environment. Nothing could be further from the truth today. Residents at Bethany Village often move in as a way to continue living independently, while enjoying amenities like fitness facilities, dining areas, classrooms, and an art center. Bethany Village is also characterized by a strong sense of community, so residents get to know one another and have a social support network. Additionally, should the need for more assisted living arrive, Bethany Village has a continuum of services that allows residents to get the help they need without leaving their community.

A model of the new Vista Place units will be available for tours in May, and move-in to the new units is expected in the fall. For more information on the community, visit www.BethanyLutheranVillage.org.

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