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Better Than Homemade

Premium, Local Ingredients, and the Passion of a Cookie Artisan Make up a Cookie Better Than Homemade.

Meet Michael Pinckney, a self proclaimed “cookie monster” and founder of Pinckney Cookie Cafe, a truly gourmet cookie company in Kirkland.

How did this New York native, Harvard grad, marketing guru, find his way to Kirkland and decide to open this delicious cookie shop?  As Michael says, “I simply love chocolate chip cookies. I appreciate them, enjoy them deeply, get my strength from them…I’m just a cookie monster” OK, partially true, and partially kidding. His real inspiration started with a cookie shop in NYC (where he lived several decades ago) combined with baking skills passed down from his mother.  He decided to challenge himself to come up with the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.  “Whenever I felt like baking I’d make chocolate chip cookies and experiment with the recipe. I’d take the cookies to work, share them with my friends and get their feedback. The next time I felt like baking I’d make the changes people asked for and take them to work again. As you can imagine I was a popular guy! Years later my kids became the key testers and the process continued. Eventually I ended up with two cookies – The Pinckney Original and Dark Chocolate Oatmeal - I knew I had something special and thought I should do something with it. Pinckney Cookie Cafe was the result.”

Not only is Michael passionate about cookies, but he is equally committed to building Pinckney Cookie Café into a great company with a positive impact on his employees and the community. “We’ve been giving $5.00 for every order of a dozen cookies or more to charities providing Covid-19 relief and we’ve raised over $12,000!  We’re continuing to give $5.00 per order of a dozen or more cookies but changing our focus from Covid-19 to emphasizing Racial Justice charities.”

And who doesn’t want to eat the most delicious gourmet cookies, AND give back at the same time? To order your first box, visit

Create a Box

Create your favorite custom box of their delicious Artisan and/or Miracle (Vegan and Gluten-free) Cookies!

Miracle Pinckney Original

Miracle Dark Chocolate Oatmeal

Miracle Bing Bling!

Miracle Classic Chocolate Chip

Miracle Double Chocolate Espresso

Miracle Apple Pie

Miracle Ginger Molasses

The Pinckney Original

Dark Chocolate Oatmeal

Bing Bling!

Classic Chocolate Chip

Brown Butter Brown Sugar Bourbon

Double Chocolate Espresso

Oatmeal Raisin


Ginger Molasses