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Beyond Bookkeeping

E3 Bookkeeping’s Scott Rumley

Article by Nancy C. Hermann

Photography by Cindy Alvarez

Originally published in Tulsa City Lifestyle

People, relationships, and the supportive Tulsa business community make E3 Bookkeeping’s President and Owner Scott Rumley grateful for and excited about what he does from nine to five — or seven to seven, as some days might require. He operates his business with a hands-on, thoughtful approach — continually looking for ways to help clients minimize the hassles and headaches of running their businesses. “Most clients didn’t go into business because they wanted to do their own books,” suggested Rumley. Backing him up at E3 is a carefully selected, capable staff, and at home there’s “Team Rumley.” They share laughter, keep him grounded, and make it possible for him to dream big, reach higher, and deliver what is promised. 

“Experienced,” “Efficient,” and “Effective” are the three E’s around which E3 builds and maintains its business. Rumley points out that the company is not an accounting firm. They don’t do taxes. Their clients are small- to medium-sized businesses from all over the country that need expertise managing their numbers. 

“We help clients understand how their businesses are running by giving them accurate numbers in a timely fashion,” he explained, “and during tax season we work with their accountants to make sure they have everything they need.” A customized approach is always appreciated, noted Rumley. Some clients may want E3 to monitor cash flow, perhaps pay bills or take a look at how payouts are being made. “It’s a great way to prevent fraud and theft,” he added.

Rumley and E3 Bookkeeping make clients’ lives better by providing services that enhance and maximize the resources each business has in place. The company supplies individualized business components beyond that as needed. Most business owners know when their books are broken, advised Rumley, and it's best to address problem areas early on. In all dealings, a good relationship is critical, and communication is key, emphasized Rumley. “It’s important for people to know that if they have a question, they can pick up a phone, or come in and sit with us. I think that is the most important part to us. It is the most gratifying part.”

A native of Dallas, Rumley played football for SMU, and at Memphis State. He earned a degree in Journalism, and later an MBA at the University of Tulsa. He was working at KOTV-Channel 6 when he met his wife, Heather Richetto. Readers will recognize her from local television and musical stage productions. “It was kind of a lightning-bolt scenario,” reminisced Rumley. Although his long-range plan had included a possible move to a larger TV market, he knew he had found his life partner. “We both started in media, so we love working with business owners — that service piece of it. That was the beginning of our relationship, our common interest. It grew from there.” 

Together with their two children, ages 14 and 7, they’ve formed “Team Rumley,” a phrase coined by Heather. Rumley shared that the sense of peace he feels from family life is central to everything else. He also credits a supportive Tulsa business community for helping him in innumerable ways. 

“Something happens every week to remind me how lucky I am to be in this city,” said Rumley. “Tulsa is one of those towns where you can build strong relationships across networks. It’s been the people in Tulsa and my relationships with people in town that have kept me here.”