Beyond Shade: Pergola Tech-Trends for Ultimate Outdoor Living!

Learn how strategic investments in pergola technologies create a haven of luxury and innovation.

Gone are the days when pergolas were mere wooden structures confined to the past. Step into the future of outdoor living with a visionary duo – Aaron Thall and Chris Wehmeyer, founders of PergolaHaus, where outdoor innovation meets luxury!

“Traditional pergolas had four columns and a series of cross beams that didn't move, and were usually made out of wood,” says Aaron Thall, contrasting them with the newer, modern bioclimatic pergolas that respond intelligently to the climate. Rainy day? No problem. The louvered roofs automatically close, sparing you the mad dash to protect your patio furniture. Hosting an event? Stay dry as you revel in the seamless harmony of technology and nature.

PergolaHaus is an authorized dealer for Renson®, a cutting-edge manufacturer from Belgium, renowned for their forward-thinking designs. Crafted from extruded aluminum, these pergolas defy decay, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal. But the innovation doesn't stop there. The company is also an authorized dealer for SOLISYSTEME® pergolas from France and Markilux retractable awnings from Germany, offering a trifecta of high-end choices catering to various lifestyles and budgets.

Aaron and Chris collaborate closely with homeowners and business owners, turning their outdoor dreams into reality. From standalone structures to façade-mounted extensions, these pergolas transcend conventional boundaries. One delighted Delaware customer has ingeniously transformed his pergola into a home extension of his kitchen, complete with stonework walls, retractable screens, and sliding glass doors. It serves as an outdoor kitchen and dining space, a testament to the versatility these pergolas bring.

The dynamic duo at PergolaHaus notes a significant shift in trends. “Before 2020, most homeowners sought shade solutions for outdoor dining or poolside lounging. However, COVID accelerated a shift towards multi-purpose outdoor living and entertainment,” explains Aaron. What was once a quest for retractable screens and dimmable lighting has evolved into long-term investments like heaters, outdoor fireplaces, and custom entertainment walls with flat screen TVs and wireless speakers.

Chris adds, “Pergolas, once considered a summertime indulgence, have now become a year-round luxury with high-tech upgrades.” Clients attest to the transformative impact, with one noting, “My new Renson pergola features louvers which close automatically in the rain, retractable shades which close for privacy, LED lights for nighttime, and heat for those chilly evenings.”  They also come with remotes, so if the sun gets too hot, you can just hit a button to adjust the angle of the louvers and enjoy some shade.

Expanding beyond residential projects, PergolaHaus also collaborates with architectural firms and designers for high-end commercial amenity spaces in New Jersey and nationwide.

Investing in a high-end pergola from PergolaHaus is not just about shade – it's about adding beauty, function, and versatility to your space. As Michael R. from Glencoe, IL attests, “Our Renson pergola from PergolaHaus, has quickly become the 2nd most used space of our home! The motorized screens do a great job cutting the wind, allowing the heaters inside the pergola to keep the temperature comfortable enough to enjoy sitting out by the gas firepit, watching movies & football outside even in the cold months (hint, the screens have doubled as an outdoor projector screen, what an awesome bonus!)”

We invite you to step into the world of innovative, luxury, “outdoor rooms”, and get inspired by design ideas, styles, and options. Invest in your open-air living at today.

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