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Beyond Tax Returns

DJ Scheidt understands the power of personalized accounting and tax guidance.

DJ Scheidt, managing partner at Hungeling-Grace CPAs, brings a unique perspective to the world of Certified Public Accountants, shaped by his diverse professional background and deep-rooted connection to the Smyrna Vinings community. His journey began in Atlanta with Deloitte, where he honed his skills in public accounting. However, it was during this time that he realized his passion was in working more closely with clients as a trusted advisor, rather than in a large corporate setting.

Growing up in Vinings and moving to the Smyrna area in 2015, DJ embarked on a mission to serve his community through personalized accounting and tax advice. He has witnessed firsthand the growth and development of the area and takes great pride in being a part of that growth through his work with businesses at formation, helping them with tax structure and strategy. By being involved from the beginning, he can witness the impact that proper investment and tax strategy can have on a client's finances. It's a rewarding experience for him to see his clients thrive and succeed.

DJ understands that the key to a successful client-advisor relationship lies in building trust. To him, a good CPA is not just someone who can file a tax return but someone who becomes a trusted advisor. He invests time in getting to know his clients personally, learning about their long-term goals, difficult decisions, and even their family's vacation plans. This information allows him to provide advice that aligns with their lifestyle and helps them achieve their goals.

So, why should individuals and businesses in the community invest in the services of a CPA like DJ? According to him, it's all about peace of mind and financial confidence. With tax laws changing every year, having a professional who proactively looks at how these changes can affect your financial situation is crucial. Without their guidance, you may miss out on potential tax savings or make costly mistakes.

When it comes to making the financial planning and tax preparation process seamless and stress-free, DJ emphasizes the importance of communication. He believes that merely knowing the right answer for a client is not enough; they need to understand the "why" behind it. By prioritizing client relationships and ensuring open and clear communication, DJ strives to provide a seamless experience for his clients.

Outside of work, DJ and his family actively engage with the local community. Whether it's through their involvement in Smyrna First Baptist Preschool, Swim team with the Smyrna Sharks, or attending events at Smyrna Market Village, they have built strong relationships with other families. They are also active members of the Church of the Apostles nearby, further contributing to their sense of community.

DJ Scheidt is not just a CPA; he is a trusted advisor, a community member, and someone who genuinely cares about the success and well-being of his clients. By investing in his services, individuals and businesses in the Smyrna Vinings community are making a wise investment for their financial future.

Hungeling-Grace CPAs

29 Lenox Pointe 

Atlanta, GA 30324

(404) 633 4600 



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