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Beyond the Gloves

Join the CLASS UFC GYM community alongside owner Jesse Ocel

Growing up in northern Virginia, Jesse Ocel was no stranger to the government hub of D.C. When he tackled his degree in Administration of Justice, it was with the goal of someday joining an intelligence agency. But after landing a job at a Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini dealership, he went on to spend the next several years in the automotive industry.

Tesla recruited Ocel to open a store in his home state before he was later moved to California and then Texas. No matter where he has lived, though, the one consistency in his life has been fitness. Before or after punching the clock, Ocel would make time to work out. And one day, he realized that Tesla simply wasn’t his passion.

“I took the leap of faith and quit without having anything to jump into,” says Ocel. “I was searching for opportunities and saw that the CLASS UFC GYM franchise was looking for people, and I could really get behind it. I want to do something that I’m passionate about, that I care about, that I can put my name and my money behind faithfully.”

A modern twist on traditional boxing and high-intensity interval training classes, CLASS UFC GYM incorporates multiple pieces of equipment to help burn calories and build muscle. With coaches who are certified by UFC’s own master trainers, you are pushed to discover your strongest, most confident self.

It’s also ensured that your workouts are truly effective thanks to Myzone’s real-time feedback. With this wearable device, your heart rate is calculated and you receive tailored Effort Points to hold yourself accountable. Both on the screen during class and on your phone, Myzone shows how you are building on your progress, with Effort Points adjusting as you get in better shape.

“We can train elite athletes or you can pretend like you’re one and get to that level. Even though we have ‘UFC’ on the door and it can be a little bit intimidating, once you come in and see the gym, it’s like, ‘Oh, I just get to let all of my anger and frustration out, and get a fun workout in at the same time,’” says Ocel. “This is literally for everyone.”

Ocel’s dream team at CLASS UFC GYM North Austin shares his enthusiasm for not just providing challenging and satisfying workouts, but also staying community-focused. That’s why they stay dedicated to offering regular member events, as well as participating in outreach throughout the Cedar Park area.

As a new business owner and new dad, Ocel looks forward to expanding his gym family while raising his own family. He hopes to lead by example, surrounding his daughter with the fitness lifestyle.

“We just want you to get in the door and experience that sense of community. That’s the real reason I built this, for community more than anything,” says Ocel. “You’re going to talk to me, to your coach, to the other people in class. You’re going to actually make connections. What you put in is what you’re going to get out, and we’re going to help you put in as much as possible.”

Challenge yourself at CLASS UFC GYM North Austin. Check out the studio at 10900 Lakeline Mall Dr, Ste 600, and find the right class for you on