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Shawn Booth And Caleb Gamblin Celebrate Stellar Year As Real Estate Team

Whether selling to first-time homebuyers or those interested in luxury properties, Shawn Booth and Caleb Gamblin say they seek to provide their clients with an experience that rises above expectations. The pair joined forces in February of 2022 to form The B|G Home Team, and had more than $15 million sold/pending properties in their first year of business. Their hard work appears to speak directly to their aptitude for success.

Shawn and Caleb each had real estate experience before they connected at Shawn’s gym, BoothCamp. “We started chatting about real estate,” says Shawn, who readers might recognize as the winner of season 11 of The Bachelorette. “We were both interested in working as a team. Since we found a home at the Parks Brokerage, we’ve been focusing on residential, small commercial, new developments, investment properties, a little bit of everything,” he continues. “We’re very proud of our first year and our success, and we’re picking up some major steam for 2023.”

“Shawn’s great at marketing,” says Caleb, “and I need that, as well as somebody who’s a little more direct. So it was a perfect fit from day one. And we’re in a great market. This market has options for every buyer from one-bedroom condos up to $10 million-plus luxury estates. A big driver for us is social media. We tend to show off fancy luxury homes there –  because that’s what people enjoy seeing. More often, we’re working with first-time homebuyers at an entry-level price point. They’re green to the process and put their trust in us. When you get to the closing table with a first-time home buyer, that’s special. They’re so appreciative of our work, and we appreciate them.” 

The B|G Home Team offers the bonus of an active and engaging Instagram account, including the video reviews and walk-throughs featured there.

Shawn explains, “Social media has helped for sure. We’ve used it to put out some feelers, which is the first step,  but then we have to close the deal. With his background, Caleb is fantastic at this. When we’re listing a house and we put it on social media, that home gets hundreds of thousands of views within days. It’s a huge advantage and free promotion.”

Sometimes the two say they compete to see which homes are the most popular. “I’ll pick my favorite house, Caleb will pick his favorite house, and we’ll post walk-throughs on social media and have people pick which one they like.” 

Caleb says they drum up business through their networks, social media and word of mouth. “Referrals are key. Real estate is a huge purchase, the biggest some people make in their lifetime. I connect with most by building that relationship and trust with clients. It’s 100% about the relationship for me.”

Shawn agrees. “Building connections is a big deal; we’re great at solving problems. No experience is the same, everything presents challenges, and that’s where Caleb and I excel, coming up with solutions.”

“Homebuying can be a stressful process,” Caleb says. “Circumstances around moving can be challenging. It could be because of divorce, death, job loss or the need for a sudden downgrade. So having someone involved in that situation who’s strong enough to handle it for you – to encourage, push, drive and console you when you’re feeling overwhelmed – that’s a big thing for us.”

My background in construction and development opened the doors for strong relationships with builders and developers in the area,” continues Caleb, “allowing us to identify opportunities not currently listed. The Nashville market can be extremely fast-paced. When it's hot and stable, like 2020 and early 2021, we saw homes sold within hours of going live. Insider knowledge of off-market deals is key. Through our relationships with Nashville's most reputable developers, builders and agents, we can present our buyers with a larger inventory list and potential opportunities before they've reached the public eye. We can control the added pressure of other buyers, minimize multiple offer situations and negotiate deals that work best for our clients without added stress.  We love the feeling of knowing we got a deal no one else knew about...that's why the strong relationships we've built over the years have played such a key role in our success with representing buyers, especially on new construction.”

Shawn says what separates The B|G Home Team from other real estate professionals is, “One of our strong suits is that we believe in being honest and upfront. We're not oversellers, we're confident in our knowledge of the market and in determining accurate pricing for each home. If it's not a fit or doesn't make sense for an investor's portfolio, we bring that to light. At the end of the day, we try our best to make this process a lot easier, less stressful, and most importantly we want our clients to have fun with it."

Instagram: @thebghometeam
Shawn Booth: @shawn_booth18
Caleb Gamblin: @gamblinsince1993

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