Big Gigantic

In the heart of the pulsating EDM scene, amidst the neon lights and electrifying beats, Big Gigantic emerged as a dynamic force. Comprising Dominic Lalli, the producer and saxophonist, and Jeremy Salken on drums, the duo has left an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape. Denver North Magazine sat down with Dominic Lalli to delve into the origins, inspirations, and the magic of their journey as Big Gigantic.

"We met playing gigs around Boulder and eventually became roommates," Dominic shared, a warm smile playing on his lips. "I decided to start a new project and wanted to get Jeremy involved, and that's how the whole thing came about."

The name 'Big Gigantic' itself, as it turns out, wasn't born out of intense brainstorming sessions or meticulous planning. "Literally just something I came up with walking down the street one day!" Dominic chuckled, revealing the spontaneity that often defines the creative process.

Their musical journey was shaped by a diverse array of influences. "We've been inspired by lots of different artists from Skrillex to Pretty Lights, but really just the whole Electronic and Bass Music scene has been so inspiring in general over the years," Dominic reflected. "It's amazing to see what it's developed into."

The idea of hosting their own festival materialized into 'Rowdytown,' an annual extravaganza held every September at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre. "It's been so rewarding getting to perform there every year and come together with our fans," Dominic expressed. "It's always such a beautiful weekend."

The transition from traditional instruments to the electronic realm was a natural evolution for Big Gigantic. "I think it just evolved naturally that way from its inception," Dominic explained. "When you write music on the computer, it naturally turns into that because the possibilities are just endless in that style of music. It's so fun!"

Reflecting on their journey, Dominic highlighted one of the most intense moments as artists. "I think one of our most intense moments has to be Austin City Limits festival many years ago. It was essentially raining sideways on stage for our set. Huge crowd, tons of energy, and we just kept playing through this insane storm. It was one we'll never forget."

Balancing the demands of music creation and the touring lifestyle can be challenging. Dominic admitted, "It can definitely be challenging to get it all in. We take years where I just write for most of the year, and we only play a handful of shows, and then there are other years where we do two fairly big tours a year and festivals in the summer."

When asked about their dream collaboration, Dominic's eyes lit up. "At this point, I would love to collaborate with Skrillex or Fred Again or maybe even someone like Busta Rhymes."

Amidst the whirlwind of their musical career, the duo finds solace and inspiration in the enchanting Red Rocks Amphitheatre. "The venue itself is just so special; there's something very, very magical about that place."

As for the future, Dominic expressed gratitude for the life they've built in Boulder. "I think both Jeremy and myself moved to Boulder initially because of the music scene. At the time when we moved there, I was in a band called 'The Motet' that is based out of Boulder, and Jeremy moved to Boulder because so much music was happening in Boulder at that time."

And what about 'Rowdytown'? "As long as they'll let us, we will be there, hahahaha!" Dominic exclaimed with infectious enthusiasm.

As the interview wound down, Dominic offered a glimpse into his life beyond the stage. "I, personally, just hang out with my family in my free time, and that really is about it! Music and family are my life, and I love that!" The dichotomy of the pulsating beats and the serene family moments encapsulates the essence of Big Gigantic, a duo whose journey continues to resonate with fans around the globe.

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