Biker Girl

Gilbert Girl Evie Currie is riding hard and bring home the bling at the BMX biking tracks

When you think about BMX racing the first thing that pops into you mind probably isn’t a cute little girl with a smile for days.  However, that is the exact vision you should see as TINY Evelyn Currie (Evie) is tearing up the track every Monday and Friday at the Chandler Race Track.  At just 4 years old, as of this issue, she has followed the lead of her older brother Declan and dad John to find a love for the sport.  The Currie family spends their time together racing and traveling the country for the kids to compete in regional and national events. 

Mom, Emily, shared her favorite part of the sport is how the families support each other.  “It’s like having a large extended family, says Currie.  We come together to share equipment for growing kids, help with bike repairs, and even trade out bikes for races.  Its a competition but it doesn’t feel that way. as all the families root for all the kids.  It is truly just about good fun and great exercise.”

Evie’s favorite part is to be exact, getting a Ring POP for trying hard, the trip to the snack stand, and hanging with her friends; bringing home the Trophies is just a bonus.  The sport includes girl exclusive races,  however, in most events Evie is right out their with the boys, and winning.

Chandler BMX was the first ever BMX track the American Bicycle Association (ABA) opened in 1977 for the purpose of holding Sanctioned BMX events for kids of all ages. The sport of BMX racing is one of the fastest growing bicycle sports in the World, and in 2008 became an Olympic Sport. This is definitely a sport to be added to your Olympic Watch List

Its all about the kids, keeping them clean while playing in the dirt. This is bicycle racing at it best.   A trial 1 day membership is available if you want to just try it and see. At the track they even have loaner bikes and helmets for your trial run. Come out and give it a try. It is probably not like any other sport you have tried with your kids. No sitting on the bench this day. Its all about the rider, and how bad do you want to Win.

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