Bingo for the Grove

The Second Annual Fundraiser for Orange Grove Center

In its second year, Bingo for the Grove has superseded last year's numbers with tickets selling out well in advance of the event and continues to be an impactful fundraiser for Orange Grove Center. With an incredible 26 sponsors, 10 underwriters, and several donations made at the event with more donations still rolling in, the center is sure that it has surpassed its $125,000 goal. 

After the incredible success of the first year, there were no questions about making this event an annual one. Though there is a tense, deep history regarding bingo as charitable fundraising in the state of Tennessee, the Orange Grove Board of Directors was relieved when the legislature once again allowed the game to be played for charity in January 2022, sparking the inaugural Bingo for the Grove event. 

Funds raised at the event benefit Orange Grove Center's transportation needs, physical education, art, and music programs, which are entirely funded by what is raised through the generosity of donors. The event provides the staff at Orange Grove Center with an opportunity to share everything they do with younger professionals in the community in the hopes they will want to be involved for years to come.

Orange Grove will be hosting their 15th Annual Golf Tournament at Council Fire Golf Course on October 24, 2023. Find out more about this event and Orange Grove Center at orangegrovecenter.org.

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