BioBalance Health® helps mid-life people live better.

The mother daughter team of doctors Kathy Maupin and Rachel Sullivan offer breakthrough ideas and methods for optimal wellness.

She wanted to feel like herself again! That is why Dr. Kathy Maupin, OB-GYN, created her estrogen and testosterone pellet practice in 2002, BioBalance Health. A Kansas City native, she had her ovaries removed at age 48 due to painful endometriosis. She almost gave up hope until she was treated with bioidentical hormone pellets, which literally saved her life. BioBalance was born more than 19 years ago when she realized this treatment helped her maintain youthful energy, healthy weight and stamina, and no one else in St. Louis provided this treatment.

“In 2002, after my hysterectomy, I was delivering twins at the hospital, and a nurse noticed something was very wrong with me,” Dr. Maupin explains. “The nurse who asked me what was wrong was Gina Tutera, and she told me her brother Gino Tutera, MD treated women with the same symptoms with hormone pellets in California, and he could help me. I met him the next day, and he told me he could bring me back to health with testosterone and estradiol pellets. He did, and I was immediately better.”

Dr. Tutera, originally an OB-GYN in Kansas City, then trained her. Three years after establishing her St. Louis BioBalance practice, she bought Tutera’s KC pellet practice. At the time, she had the only testosterone and estradiol pellet practice in KC.

Dr. Maupin says that testosterone and estradiol pellets are the most effective treatment for menopause and low T. Pellets are inserted sterilely in the fat under the skin of the hip where they dissolve over four to six months. The procedure is fast and simple. The expertise of Drs. Sullivan and Maupin come into play when they calculate dosage and balance other hormone deficiencies. This type of hormone pellet treatment requires a hormone pellet-dedicated practice.

“We order our bio-identical pellets from an FDA approved compounding pharmacy for each patient,” she explains.

Her daughter and partner, Rachel M. Sullivan, D.O., is a board-certified osteopathic family physician. Dr. Sullivan also lived in Kansas City after graduating from her residency in Houston, Texas while working for BioBalance. She now lives in St. Louis and practices exclusively with her mother bringing patients over 40 back to health. However, both doctors offer much more than hormone pellets. Their treatment philosophy is to help people achieve optimal health through promoting a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention, based on a foundation of testosterone and estradiol pellets by employing the tools of modern medicine plus holistic treatments.

“I developed my practice here in Kansas City, while I was an OB-GYN in St. Louis and a Biobalance doctor, too,” Dr. Maupin says. “Because BioBalance was such a success, I stopped doing OB-GYN in 2010 and concentrated on BioBalance hormone pellet replacement in both cities. Just at the right time my daughter joined me. I don’t know what I would have done without her!  We have built our Kansas City practice with the help of Lori Gordon, nurse practitioner, who is our anchor practitioner in KC. We love coming to KC!

Dr. Maupin has written two books, The Secret Female Hormone for women, and Got Testosterone? For men. Their website, Biobalancehealth.com has information to help people make a decision about replacing testosterone and estradiol as they age. Dr Maupin has also published more than 570 health casts on YouTube.

“We are not just all about the money, however insurance does not cover what we do. My daughter and I screen patients before we initially see them to determine if we can help them. Prospective patients send in their health history and their blood work before we see them. If we can’t help a patient, we let them know before they spend any money. We are dedicated to treating women and men who have testosterone and/or estradiol deficiency. We do not treat young male weightlifters or anyone who has not finished their family,” she confirms. “Patients have an hour-long consult with one of the doctors to go over their health history, symptoms, diet, exercise, medication, supplements and everything that affects their health. Patients are given pellets and a treatment plan at the first visit. Then they come in two to three times a year for maintenance pellets and see our nurse practitioner, Lori Gordon.”

Dr. Maupin enjoys working with her daughter, who joined BioBalance in 2015. Dr. Sullivan and her husband moved into a house near the Plaza which they were rehabbing, when Dr. Maupin’s St. Louis practice got very busy. Dr. Sullivan and family moved to St. Louis and still loves the Kansas City BioBalance practice.

Kathy Maupin (formerly Kathy Cartier) grew up in South Kansas City and attended Center High School, class of ‘73.

“We had a great science program which produced many doctors out of my class!” she states. “I actually see a lot of my friends from high school and my Mizzou sorority sisters in my practice as patients.”

Dr. Maupin believes as people with symptoms of testosterone and estrogen deficiency make plans for the new year, they should plan to feel better and get healthy. A visit to BioBalance Health is a great way to start.

For more information, visit biobalancehealth.com. They are located at 4400 Broadway, Suite 303, KCMO 64111, in the doctor’s building. Call 816-753-6552.

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