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Therapy-Based Fitness

BioFit Therapy-Based Fitness in Overland Park is not your typical gym. They believe that your body shouldn’t hold you back from the active life you want. You deserve a gym that meets you where you are in a positive environment and offers a sense of belonging. Research tells us that 20% of people fall through the cracks in the fitness and rehabilitation world. These are often people that feel that exercise doesn’t work for them. Working out should make you feel great, and lead to a stronger better you. Not leave you feeling worse or forever injured. 

Owner and Physical Therapist Justin Prier started BioFit with the passion to blend therapy and fitness in such a way that truly helps clients achieve results that last. Over the last 24 years, he has spent hundreds of thousands of hours learning, blending, teaching, and applying complex brain and body sciences in order to give his clients the simplest and most effective tools possible. Standing on this foundation for excellence, BioFit has grown into a team of highly skilled fitness professionals that deliver results time and time again. 

BioFit offers 24/7 gym memberships, personal training, nutrition guidance, cardio programs, group fitness classes, brain-based neurological interventions, massage therapy, and other bodywork that restores muscle function. One of their most popular programs since 2015 is their Senior Pure Balance Class where people gain independence and improve their health and wellness. 

They serve a vast range of people, from young athletes aspiring to improve their sports performance to seniors who want to live vibrantly without fear of falling. From middle-aged adults who want to move pain-free to injured professional athletes. From people who just can’t seem to lose weight to those who struggle with issues that no one else can seem to resolve. BioFit’s team is committed to helping people get their fitness back in a judgment-free, inviting atmosphere that makes working out enjoyable! 

Alongside their expert guidance, their facility provides a wide selection of space, tools, machines, and equipment to help members feel safe while they get stronger. Every piece of equipment was selected with careful consideration to be joint-friendly and body safe. In addition, they are excited to announce the expansion of their facilities and services offered coming in early 2023!

They will be hosting a re-grand opening and customer appreciation event once construction is complete. With so many exciting things to come, you’ll want to stay tuned and check out all the solutions they have to offer! 

BioFit makes getting started easy. They offer free consultations to help you get organized, create a plan that will work, and guide you every step along the way. You’ll experience life with energy and vitality before you know it. As they say, the journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step. 

Feel at home and find success at BioFit located at 9201 West 133rd Street in Overland Park. For more information, visit Or find us on Facebook @biofitkc and Instagram @biofit_kc.