The Client-Driven Gym

The desire to get back into shape following the start of a new year is a common goal shared by many, but easing your way back into the gym can be tough.

Injuries, fear of being ridiculed, and accountability are some of the factors that often play against people wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

The problem? 

Lack of customization and a one-size fits all concept according to an Overland Park gym who is regarded by some as Kansas City’s best kept secret; BioFit. 

The client-driven gym is known for helping people feel comfortable in their own skin while meeting some of their most complex fitness goals. 

“People feel out of place at big gyms and aggressive workout trends don't really work for their bodies,” explained Justin Prier, owner of BioFit. "We don't follow a one size fits all protocol at BioFit we believe that it’s about the clients and their stories.” 

Justin and his wife, Kim opened up BioFit more than ten years ago.

Both have experience in personal training. Kim is a former science teacher, and Justin is a physical therapist who has spent over 25 years applying science-based knowledge to his business model. 

At BioFit, elite trainers work with clients one-on-one to obtain optimal results by incorporating physical and restorative therapy based fitness that helps build strength, promotes a healthy recovery, and teaches clients how to build toward a healthier lifestyle. 

Justin says the biggest takeaway is the friendliness of his staff that is committed to proving anyone, regardless of age can get the results they want without feeling fearful.

“We really, truly believe that everyone's an athlete and everyone belongs in their local fitness gym,” said Justin. "They don't have to look a certain way, and they don't have to move their body in a certain way. It's just taking those first positive steps forward to allow that snowball to really build.” 

Over the past year, BioFit doubled its size to a now 7,000-square-foot space that includes agility areas, massage and bodywork rooms, outdoor and indoor turf areas, free weights, specialized weight and cardio equipment, and more. 

With these tools, the family-run operation is able to offer former athletes, people battling spinal cord injuries and limited mobility the space to heal, reengage and take control of their lives. 

Justin estimates since its inception the team has changed the lives of thousands of Kansas Citians, and over the next coming years he sees the team expanding due to continued demand. Regardless of what BioFits next steps are, the team is ready to continue to cater to their clients who continue to spread the word on the program’s success while gaining the results they crave. 

“We have people come in with severe pain and long-standing pain and inability to move. They come here and start getting sensations back. We believe our clients are the hero in their story, and we’re here to guide them with sound fitness principles that are often neglected in other settings,” said Justin. 

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