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Bliss Home

Fresh Styles And Trends For New Season

Since 2014, Bliss Home team members have marketed and demonstrated the store as the place to find home decor not found anywhere else in town.

With an overall casual modern style, they offer a wide variety of different looks for nearly any room in the home. They take pride in identifying new, trendy styles, and in handpicking unique pieces to offer customers.

Bliss Home designers work with customers to achieve their desired look for their home using various materials and different styles in one room, which sets them apart from other stores. Their visual merchandisers work their hardest to make the store a pleasant shopping experience that's different from average furniture stores. Design consultants will work directly with any customer who walks in, including simple items such as a fabric or color sample, and help them choose pieces that will expand upon that vision.

For a more all-encompassing experience, Bliss Home also offers design services including in-home consultations where they can design a room from top to bottom if the customer desires to do so.

Bliss Home design consultant Samantha Baker described a boom in home office pieces in light of the recent influx of people working from home. Many people decided to dedicate entire rooms to a new home office while some people have just created office space in other areas of their home, like their living rooms and dining rooms. Samantha says, “People are purchasing everything from desks and bookcases to office chairs even if they have just a small area to make into an office.”

One increasingly popular feature that also developed out of the pandemic is extremely durable fabric and material, or “performance fabrics.” Bliss Home offers pieces featuring a durable fabrication process that's very popular and makes cleaning furniture incredibly simple. Even a navy blue or black fabric can be cleaned deeply and won't reveal the trace of treatment.

As far as colors go, one trend is the transition from cooler neutrals, such as different shades of gray, to warmer neutrals, such as taupe, tan and gold. Warm neutrals are being used in woods, flooring, upholstery and in paints. 

“People are beginning to mix grays in with their warmer neutrals, and we’re moving out of that obsession with it,” says Samantha. One may want to incorporate some cooler neutral pieces, such as a gray pillow, to accent newer, warmer pieces of furniture like a beige sofa or a tan chair.

Style-wise, a popular detail in furniture right now is cane. Cane was popular before in the 1940s and later in the 1980s and is resurrected once again to lighten up homes this year. “We’ve got it all over our showroom, and people are eating it up,” says Samantha. 

Items with caning can be gotten on dining room chairs, sideboards, bookcases with cane-front doors, dressers and more. Bliss Home currently has a beautiful, entire bedroom set featuring cane for a newer, fresher look.

If a single piece of furniture, such as a chair, is all that's need to accent a room, Bliss Home has an array of beautiful and stylish options. "From eye-catching sculptural designs to plush, comfortable cushions, chances are, we have the piece you’re looking for," adds Samantha.

Bliss Home provides upholstery, furniture, accessories and lighting. They offer in-stock merchandise but are also able to place special orders. Shoppers can visit the store or call for in-home consultations.

2711 8th Avenue South, Nashville