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If you’ve ever visited an esthetician for skin treatment, a facial, or brow work, then you’re likely aware of what a “medical spa” is. Most med spas you encounter will offer corrective skin care services, such as line and wrinkle treatment, sun spot fading, or tightening up sagging skin, alongside specialty services like IV hydration. But thanks to a hospital-trained owner and a set of certified services, Bliss Med Spa’s range of treatments extend far beyond the norm.

Elisa, the owner of Bliss Med Spa, always intended on opening her own business - and after 15 years of working in healthcare, the med spa industry was certainly a fitting route. The decision was also a result of Colorado’s apparent healthcare availability, according to Elisa: “When I moved from Florida to Colorado about six years ago, I realized that Colorado has a lot more availability for people in the healthcare field to get involved in other specialties outside of the hospital. So, I decided to look more into opening my own specialty.” 

Her natural comfort with needles and injections is suitable for a med spa owner, not to mention Elisa’s sheer passion for natural face treatments: “I’ve found a love and passion for recreating the face and its anatomy; I just love how natural I can make it look with so little modifications.”

Although she’s newer to the niche field of med spas, Elisa trained for several months prior to opening Bliss Med Spa off of West Sixth. Plus, her tenure in critical care, post-heart transplant, and contributions to trauma teams over the past 15 years provided a solid foundation for med spa applications: “I’ve gained plenty of experience using needles for major invasive procedures, which has helped with my understanding of facial anatomy.”

Bliss Med Spa also delivers medical-grade services that most of their competitors lack, such as Botox, dermal fillers, PRP microneedling, and Kybella. To offer medical Botox, Elisa and her esthetician both hold certifications which confirm their proficiency and standard compliance. The boutique Denver med spa also carries out facials, lash treatments, brows, teeth whitening, and even IV hydration in the near future. 

However, these aren’t the most popular services offered at Bliss Med Spa. According to Elisa, most of her clients come in for lip fillers, jawline treatment, facials, and microneedling: “I love recreating lips; many of my clients come to me because they feel they have no upper lip. I also love the jawline and recreating the edges of the jaw for their desired look. In short, giving my clients what they want is my goal. My esthetician most often does facials, lashes, and is now living the microneedling life.” 

After a treatment at Bliss, you won’t have a negative word to say. On the service side, Elisa’s small team is flexible with scheduling, making cancellations and rainchecks easy to communicate. Speaking of her staff, the med spa is run by two estheticians and a manager: Elisa, the owner; Yaro, a young and driven esthetician who’ll soon start training in injections; and Jessie, who’d managed childcare for several years before jumping aboard the med spa train. In Elisa’s eyes, her trio fits as well as your favorite sitcom. 

On the horizon, Elisa plans to expand her medical spas to Southern California before considering an additional expansion to her hometown, Southern Florida: “I want to continue to grow and show my children that anything in life is possible, as long as you put your mind to it and dedicate yourself. I still work in the hospital setting, and am working towards my doctorate in acute care as a nurse practitioner. My goal is to be a medical director, assisting other nurses and estheticians who provide the same services I do. The sky’s the limit.”

For fully-certified medical aesthetic services that’ll make you double-take your own reflection, book a session with Elisa at Bliss Med Spa. You can make an appointment on their website at, or by calling their office off of 720 West Sixth Avenue at (720) 515-7233.

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