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Blue Pencil Home Overhaul

Finding functionality and organization for today's families on the go!

Article by Virginia Tabor

Photography by Sarah Bell, Sélavie Photography

Originally published in River City Lifestyle

When you’re the mother of three active daughters and balancing a successful, self-run business, organizing the pantry can find itself at the bottom of your extensive to-do list. Enter Blue Pencil Home. In November of 2020, Nikki McVean found herself overwhelmed with the clutter created by around-the-clock cooking for a family of five.

“My pantry was a mix of every organizational product but no clear system,” Nikki says. Having previously followed Blue Pencil Home for organizational tips, Nikki decided she needed an overhaul and promptly called on Katie Savage.

As the owner of Blue Pencil Home, Katie carries out her organizational tasks with efficiency and style. Katie has always loved home organization, and she exudes passion for her job. She crafts just the right system for each client’s project to ensure that their space creates “a sense of happiness and calm.” The team at Blue Pencil Home believes in the importance of the participation of the client, and always bases their strategy on the client’s specific vision. “Sometimes the process of creating the right system is like playing Tetris,” Katie says, “but that is the challenge that we all love.”

The process for the McVean project began with a home visit from Katie in which she gathered all the information needed to make the magic happen. “Katie came by to see the space, measure, and discuss what I needed out of the space to make it more efficient,” Nikki says. “I loved the fact that each step of the process was clear, detailed, and there weren’t any cost surprises. It was beyond efficient in the use of products and my time.”

Once given the go-ahead, Katie and her team cleaned out any food that was out of date or no longer necessary and added organizational products “to create a maintainable system that is also aesthetically pleasing.” According to Nikki, these organizational products make life exponentially easier and allow her to spend less time and money at the grocery, as it is clear what they have and what they need. 

The Blue Pencil Home approach is unique in that it not only organizes a space for the time being, but they diligently create specific places within each home for every item so that it is easy for the client to maintain organization. “Nikki has kids, a husband, and pets,” Katie says. “Life gets busy, and sometimes it’s time to take a moment to push restart and look to see if there is a better approach to a space.”

  • The Blue Pencil Home team artfully creates a sense of happiness and calm within any space.
  • Blue Pencil owner Katie Savage and coworker Karen Saenz get to work!
  • First step of any successful project begins with a home visit, gathering the information needed to make the magic happen.