Boating Tips for Safe Fun in the Sun

The warm weather is finally here, and with it comes more time spent on the water. For boaters, in particular, warmer temperatures and sunny skies mean more opportunities to bring family and friends along for the ride. Before inviting loved ones onto your boat, however, it’s important to review some safety procedures to help ensure a relaxing experience for everyone.

Watch the weather

Summer weather can get ugly in an instant, and a boat can be a dangerous place to get caught in a storm. Before hitting the water, check the weather forecast and make note of any chance of precipitation or storms. 

Boat maintenance

A well-maintained engine is key to enjoying your time on the water. So be sure to check your oil levels before heading out on the water, or invest in an engine that doesn’t require oil changes.

Life jacket required

 Although warmer weather may make swimming irresistible, safety still comes first. It’s important to always wear a life jacket while in the water and to have access to one while in the boat. According to a 2014 study by the United States Coast Guard, 84% of victims who drowned during a boating accident were not wearing a life jacket at the time of the incident. While they may seem like a hassle, life jackets really do save lives.

Don’t drink and boat

An ice-cold beverage and boating can go hand in hand. However, just as with driving a car, it is illegal to operate a boat while intoxicated across the United States and Canada. In fact, being intoxicated on the water can be even more dangerous than being intoxicated on land. Unsteady footing, sun, wind and even engine noises accelerate a drinker’s impairment.

So before your next outing, make sure you, your boat and your passengers are all ready to go—and enjoy the ride!

The Specs

E-TEC G2 Evinrude Engine
—30% more torque
—Intelligent piloting
—Lowest emissions; no oil changes

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