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Lifestyle Changes and New Innovations Help Boost Self Esteem for Summer

Summer is here, and people are spending more time outdoors, whether it’s hiking, paddle boarding, bike riding, or kayaking. Shorts, bathing suits and other more body revealing clothing is in. But, this can be challenging for those who may not love the skin (and body) they’re in.

Body confidence is something many lack. We’re often hard on ourselves and may make disparaging jokes about our thighs or stomachs, or try to hide behind others when group pictures are taken. However, body confidence doesn’t always depend on how much we weigh or if we have some cellulite on our thighs. It’s not how the world sees us as much as how we see ourselves.

So, what can we do to increase our body confidence? The first thing is to change our internal dialogue. Instead of constantly reflecting on what we don’t like about our bodies, let’s focus on what we do like. Maybe we have strong legs, lustrous hair, beautiful eyes, or a bright smile. Next, let’s change the way we hold ourselves. Instead of slouching, stand up straight, square shoulders, and walk into a room holding heads up high. People will automatically see a more confident person, and we’ll feel more self-assured as well.

If losing weight is the goal, find a healthy eating program and don’t forget to exercise. Endorphins can make us feel happier. Taking these steps, even before seeing results, can make us feel more in control. While getting to a goal may take a while, we know we’re on the right track.

Of course, there are ways to look better faster. A new haircut, some artfully applied makeup, and stylish clothing are quick fixes. Advances in body contouring treatments can create a leaner and more toned appearance in a short amount of time.

“Most patients use body contouring to treat isolated areas of persistent fat that haven’t responded to diet and exercise,” says Dr. Leslie Carter, a board-certified medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatologist with Deschutes Dermatology Center in Bend. “A great example of this is the stubborn middle-age belly fat that many men and women struggle with.  Despite our best efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle, sometimes these areas of fat just don’t respond and it can be quite frustrating.” 

She adds that this treatment is non-invasive and uses ultrasound, radio frequency, cold, laser, or electromagnetic energy to break down fat cells, which dissolve gradually over time after the procedure.  “The device we use, Emsculpt NEO, builds muscle at the same time it treats fat, so patients are getting the added benefit of gaining strength as well.”

Dr. Carter often sees patients become more self-confident, happier, and outgoing once they improve a bothersome aspect of their appearance or one they’ve been struggling to improve with lifestyle changes. “After treatment, patients often tell me that they are excited and confident to wear clothing that they wouldn’t have worn before, like a bikini, sleeveless dress, or, for men, going shirtless.” 

Don’t let a negative body image be a barrier to venturing out and having fun this summer.  Make some changes, and in the meantime, focus on the positive. When you believe you look fabulous, others will start to see you that way as well.  DeschutesDermatology.com

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