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Formah Beauty

When I walked out of Formah Body Sculpting, I’d lost over an inch from my waist. My friend tallied over two inches lost. I felt lighter and less bloated. Hopeful.

All this was icing on the cake. I’d enjoyed a relaxing massage, letting go of deadline angst and superficial worries. 

The professionals at Formah performed a luxurious lymphatic drainage massage, a Brazilian manual massage that reduces fluid retention and swelling across the whole body.

Formah’s team has provided more than one million treatments to more than 50,000 clients across nine locations in the USA and Brazil. The expertise is evident.

Their treatments are versatile and can be combined based on your unique needs with a strategic treatment plan that combines various services to give you the most radiant results possible. 

Here in Buckhead in their adorable cottage on East Shadowlawn Ave., owner Nina Goodwin and her attentive team specialize in ULTRADETOX, their most powerful full-body detox that will help you lose weight and inches from fluid retention while reducing swelling and making you feel amazing. The body contouring increases metabolism, improves the immune system, smoothes cellulite, reduces water retention, regenerates body tissues, eliminates toxins and of course encourages muscle relaxation.

The founders, Nina Goodwin, Flavia Santi and Henrique de Melo, started Formah with the mission to help people boost their self-esteem and wellness using the best non-invasive aesthetic body treatments with no pain or downtime. Massages, facials and body treatments are on the menu. 

3103 East Shadowlawn Ave


The body contouring increases metabolism, improves the immune system, smoothes cellulite...