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Getting Your Body in Balance

The Power of Massage and Fitness in Improving Health

Like many women in today’s frantic world, Cheri Garet was a highly stressed-out individual, single mother who was working full time as a busy executive and juggling the many demands at home when she discovered the powerful benefits of yoga and meditation as a way to ease her stress and anxiety. 

But unlike many people who do not pursue their true calling and passion in life, Cheri took her new love of yoga, meditation, and massage to a whole new level. She had the courage to leave her steady corporate job and returned to school to study massage. While in school, she discovered yoga and a variety of other fitness classes, which helped her reconnect with her body, mind, and spirit. 

“I was at a breaking point when I discovered yoga, meditation, and other natural healing modalities as alternatives to traditional medicine … I had a desire to learn more. I went back to school initially for massage therapy and ended up becoming a fitness advocate, a certified personal trainer and a staunch yoga practitioner. I continue to practice yoga daily as a way of grounding and centering myself.”

This journey led her to establish a business in 2009 called Hands That Heal Massage Therapy which has since rebranded to become Body In Balance Massage Therapy for Healthier Living.

Body In Balance was created to provide a more comprehensive and holistic approach to health and wellness for her clients, as well as to meet the needs of the ever-changing pressures many are facing today.  Cheri’s mission is to help individuals reconnect with their bodies by integrating multiple healing modalities in massage, while also providing resources in health, fitness, beauty, and education.

 “I wanted to offer a more comprehensive list of services to help empower women to reconnect with their internal body cues. I look at the whole-body approach in massage and I bring my knowledge of health and fitness to provide new holistic techniques to facilitate the healing in the body.”

“I am, first and foremost, passionate about movement and connection. Movement is life. I help clients facilitate that movement and that connection within their own bodies, and I encourage them to translate that movement to create awareness of their energy, and to help them to relieve any pain they may be experiencing.”

 Cheri’s services include therapeutic, prenatal, Swedish, and deep tissue massage, as well as cupping and bamboo therapy, shiatsu, and spot treatment medical massage therapy. She also is a certified practitioner of Manual Lymph Drainage, a form of very light massage that encourages flow in the body to help improve the immune system and alleviate edema.

 Body In Balance offers a wide variety of services, including, but not limited to, a line of health, fitness and beauty products, massage, and essential oils.

Body in Balance Massage Therapy

Cheri Garet

2433 Main St., Suite 3, Rocky Hill

860-478-7614 (Call or text). 

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