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Daryl and Rachel enjoy a quiet moment

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Boerne Lake is a city treasure

Enjoy a picnic this summer

Article by Jansen Bean

Photography by Kate Cooley/Cooley Portraits

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

At this time of year, the sun sets at Boerne Lake at 8:30 PM. The still water reflects the golden rays, sparkling with light as the surface undulates with the cool breeze. The gentle slopes of the hill country meet the waters, and you can sit under the shade of the trees and watch the picturesque scene alone or with family and friends.  It’s the perfect place for a summer picnic as the Gremillions are captured in the photos.

Out on the water, it’s common for people to paddle board and kayak around, sometimes having a competition to see who can make it to the other side of the lake and back first. Along the far side of the lake there’s a small pier one can fish from or even dive off of into the water.  Right next to the road leading into the park there’s a convenient ramp for putting kayaks and canoes into the water.

If the water’s too cold or you’ve had your fill, there’s plenty of amenities available on land.  Kids can play on the playground while the adults play through the 9-hole Frisbee golf course or have a game of volleyball on the available court. There’s also a huge, wide-open field perfect for a pickup game of football or soccer. There’s plenty of picnic areas each furnished with a table, a grill, and plenty of shade.

This summer, don’t let the business of life drag you away from enjoying the beauty of nature, and make sure to cool down and relax with the family or by yourself at one of the most beautiful spots in Boerne.  And if you truly want a sight, make sure to be there at 8:30 PM.

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  • Daryl and Rachel enjoy a quiet moment
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