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Article by Sophie Winterle

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Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

Boerne may seem like a small town, but you can find a world of flavor if you know where to look. These five restaurants all stand out for their commitment to tradition and dedication to producing the highest quality food from all over the globe. Before you book a ticket to South America or Europe in search of authentic Salvadorian pupusas or mouth-watering Italian wedding soup, you may want to try them just down the road. 

Good ol’-fashioned American comfort food is home at The Dog & Pony. The menu has all the classics: burgers, hot dogs, and favorites like chicken fried steak and meatloaf. Heather, one of the managers, speaks highly of the catfish plate and loves how relaxed the restaurant environment is. With an expansive outdoor space that features a playground, basketball court, and performance stage, there’s something for the entire family to enjoy. You’ll leave with your bellies full and a yearning to come back soon.

1481 S Main St. | 830-816-7669

Save yourself the long drive south and indulge in the robust flavors of classic Mexican food just off of Main St. at Las Guitarras Cocina Mexicana. Talented guitarist-turned-restauranteur Fernando Santafe wants Las Guitarras to feel like a home where everyone is treated like family because it is run by a family. The menu has received stellar reviews and the restaurant was recently awarded “Best Mexican Food in Kendall County” by the readers of the Boerne Star newspaper. Fernando’s favorite dish is the chicken raspberry chipotle, and he highly recommends pairing each meal with a Texas-sized margarita. From the rustic decor to the captivating melodies performed live each night, this is a dining experience you don’t want to miss.

911 S Main St. | 830-331-8787

Alberto Amaya brought himself out of retirement in 2022 to reopen his restaurant Casa Amaya Pupuseria & Taqueria and give Boerne a taste of authentic Salvadorian cuisine that’s hard to find without traveling to Central America. Alberto’s favorite item is the pupusa, a traditional dish made by stuffing corn tortillas with beans, meat, and cheese. They are incredibly soft, flavorful, and downright irresistible. Casa Amaya also serves other regional specialties like Honduran fried chicken and Guatemalan garnachas. The chefs cook as if they are cooking at home and pour love into every dish. The colorful dining room serves as Alberto’s office so he can greet each guest and share the love. If you’re looking for a restaurant that offers more than just a meal, be sure to stop by Casa Amaya.

109 Waterview Pkwy. #103 | 830-331-4190

Botero Tapas + Wine Bar draws you in with lively music and an innovative Spanish menu that’s unrivaled in the Boerne area. Head chef Gabriel has worked in restaurants since he was 14 and is proud to say that this is the first kitchen where everything is truly made from scratch. Each menu item is carefully crafted using a variety of techniques to produce the strongest flavors and the highest level of authenticity. No expense is spared when sourcing ingredients, and that goes for their drinks as well, with a wine selection that comes directly from Spain. “As a chef, you’re in the business of making memories and evoking emotions. To see people enjoying your food is the biggest reward there is.” At Botero, you will find high-quality food and a sense of community that will keep you coming back for more.

161 S Main St. | 830-446-3035

For a taste of Italy in Texas, take a quick drive down I-10 to Albi’s Vite in Leon Springs. Opened a mere six months ago, they have already made a name for themselves in the culinary community by being featured on two San Antonio news channels. Albi Zogaj and his family moved from Kosovo to Texas in 2007 and brought along a passion for cooking and a plethora of Italian dishes they were eager to share. As owner, chef, and cocktail waiter, Albi has a deep commitment to the happiness of each guest. Every item is made from scratch, from the pasta to the sauce. They even have a selection of house wines that pair perfectly with each bite. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself at Albi’s Vite the next time you’re craving Italian food.

24165 I-10 Unit 433, San Antonio | 210-549-1266

“As a chef, you’re in the business of making memories and evoking emotions. To see people enjoying your food is the biggest reward there is.”

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