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AdiLuna Boutique Expansion

Article by Allison Bankston

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Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Creating, connecting, and community are the core values that drive Alyssa Rossi, the owner of AdiLuna Boutique in Arvada. The store previously known as Little by Little, has expanded. You can still find the wonderful products you've come to love for the littles in your life at the shop, but Alyssa is now also offering many new items focused on the bohemian chic theme for women.

With the expansion in products, Alyssa decided to change the name of the store at 5626 Olde Wadsworth to AdiLuna Boutique in honor of her daughter and Alyssa's own connection to the moon. “Adi is my daughter's name, and she's just the most amazing little human. Plus, I really connect with the moon's energy and how the moon signifies femininity.” Alyssa is bringing in unique clothes, jewelry, and home accessories and fostering a female-focused, empowering environment. “I've been working on what the store stands for—not just what we sell but how the community can come together here.”

The store was established four years ago but only recently changed its name and started broadening its products and customer base. Alyssa says it's been rewarding watching Arvada evolve and having amazing encounters with people who come into the store. She's hoping the space will be a place for community members to host events and network, using the shop in different ways. “We have our first women's event scheduled in May. We did a lot of that before Covid.” The plan is for the events in the future to be hosted by the store and a variety of others but all focused on community and uplifting women.

A number of local boutiques have closed in the region recently, and there's been a gap in which local artisans and craftspeople have not had as many places to market their products. AdiLuna is working to fill that void. Alyssa says she felt it was her responsibility to make that happen. “I want people to know the store is different now and offering more. That growth is a positive thing. We want to be a resource—a collective of arts and products.”

Alyssa is an artist, as well. Her own personal art business is called Leading with Heart Art, and she sells her paintings in the shop and in other locations. Each of her paintings comes with a poem that Alyssa wrote. A good friend of hers makes handmade jewelry which is available in the store, and the same woman also does a really cool gift idea called Blind Date with a Book. You purchase a book wrapped attractively with just some basic hints of what the book might be about, so the content, title, and author are all a lovely surprise. Alyssa is also working with the Denver Plant Lady. “We've started offering really interesting plants, and it's brought the space alive with all the greenery.” Other products available include a CBD line through a company called Lichen and crocheted earrings from 4EdenRivers, as well as locally made hats for the whole family. “Everything kind of has that bohemian feeling,” explains Alyssa. “I have a lot of things that are comfortably chic.”

Candyl is another interesting company offering products at AdiLuna. The Denver business sells and curates candles but also does cordless, rechargeable diffusers that look like candles. A lot of diffusers appear rather industrial, but these are beautiful. Because they're rechargeable, you can put them anywhere.

When considering the space, Alyssa wants people to think of cohesiveness and togetherness. Contact AdiLuna Boutique at (720) 592-0144, or stop in and check out the new products as well as the same sort of wonderful items for kids that the shop has always made available. Whether you're looking for a gift or something for yourself, you'll likely find something just perfect!

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