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Dog Treat Baker Creates Healthier Options for Pets

Article by Amanda Knowland

Photography by Lindsey Wagers/Wagers Photography

Originally published in Topeka City Lifestyle

During the holiday season of 2019, veteran entrepreneur Sherri Moore was unknowingly cooking up a new business idea. She had already founded two businesses that assist senior citizens.

“Most of my clients have pets,” she said. “When I would make a baked good for my senior clientele, I would make something for their dogs, too.”

Her clients began spreading the word about Sherri’s pet treats, which she first began creating for her Basset Hound, Lucy, after realizing how expensive healthy dog treats can be. As people began asking Sherri to bake goods for their furry friends, the idea for Sassy Basset Biscuit Company was born.

Sherri began the process of obtaining an animal feed license and developing her recipes. The ingredients in her treats are real foods and Kansas-made. They are so clean, a few of the treats may even appeal to pup owners.

“I’ve tried some of them, too,” Sherri laughs. “The Sweet Potato, Cranberry and Oat Dog Treat tastes like a granola bar. And I wouldn’t have a problem dipping the Banana Biscotti in some coffee!”

Healthy ingredients are top priority for Sherri and Lucy. Not long after her adoption, Lucy was diagnosed with glaucoma by the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine.

“The tests they ran for Lucy were so helpful. They were so gentle during the process of losing her vision,” Sherri said. “They gave Lucy every benefit of the doubt.”

At age 8, Lucy is now blind, but living a full life. She is also Sassy Basset’s primary taste-tester.

“If I wouldn’t let Lucy eat it, I wouldn’t send it out,” Sherri said. “I’ve always had the ethic that you stand behind the product and make it right for the customer.”

Sassy Basset now offers 13 products and is carried in five local retail locations. Sherri’s long-term goals include opening a storefront and helping the community.

“I want to give back to K-State School of veterinary medicine because of all the help they’ve given Lucy,” Sherri said. “We recently discussed setting up a scholarship and ways to help the school.”

You can find Sassy Basset treats in Wild Bird House; Herman’s Meat & Smokehouse; Hy-Vee in Topeka, Lawrence, and Manhattan; and R Bar B. You can also order by calling Sherri at 785.364.6614 or visiting

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Sherri Moore is the founder of three small businesses, including Sassy Basset Biscuit Company, Girl Friday Senior Concierge Services, and Glenn Moore Meadows, which she sold in 2017. Sherri, her husband, Bruce, and their several animals live on a farm outside Holton. Sherri has one daughter, who is a pediatric nurse and manager for the mobile health clinic in Topeka.

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