"Rinse & Repeat" No More

Along With a New Salon Called VIBE and a Relaunched Avalon, Bonnie Conte Elevates the Salon/Spa Experience in Lake County.

Article by Marty Jalove

Photography by Stephen Neilson

Originally published in SW Lake Lifestyle

We get up in the morning, work all day, eventually sit down, eat dinner, go to sleep. Tomorrow? Do it again. And again, the day after. If your days feel like an endless re-cycling of unappreciated experiences lived and re-lived... maybe it's time for a (heavy-duty, rejuvenating, transforming, thoroughly reinvigorating) rinse.

We all need to occasionally walk away from our day-to-day routine to de-stress, de-compress, empty our minds, and just escape. But where to go?

Let Bonnie Conte of Avalon Salon/Spa be your guide.

In her role as Avalon's “Chief inspirational Officer, Bonnie elicits the absolute best from her team, doing so in a fully-engaged, personable way that energizes all her associates to offer exceptional experiences for their guests. As over-the-top as it may seem, I promise that you will melt into the dream that she has made a reality. Avalon’s positive energy and passion is contagious.

Looking for a mini-vacation for the body and mind? You’ll be reminded of how beautiful you are, inside and out. Longing to sit back and dip your toes in the water, surrounded by vibrant splashes of color and fashionably-beautiful flora as you're pampered in paradise? You deserve to be served, spoiled, and fussed over.

Formerly located in Deer Park Town Center, Avalon has been the cornerstone location for well-earned escapes for 20 years; its rebirth in its new Lake Zurich location is stunning to see. The contemporary white interior drafts the perfect backdrop for bursts of color in nature’s hues. Loaded with AVEDA’s organically-derived products, Avalon is much more than a salon and spa; it's an event and adventure you deserve to experience.

I spent an afternoon with Bonnie as she shared her recently-realized vision of this bliss-filled destination, a treat for the senses. We strolled through countless rooms that are magically both private and open, with modern, hand-picked décor simultaneously soothing and stunning. The fusion of “contemporary meets garden” in the hair, nail, and spa areas was remarkable: she didn’t just repeat what was successfully done before, but transformed the idea of pampered beauty into something much more in this must-see sanctuary.

Where other salons may stop, Avalon Lake Zurich has created new experiences for you to discover.

The guest waiting areas are reimagined into an intimate bar/café. Enjoy daily fresh muffins and healthy small plates while sipping fresh juices, lattes and espressos, wines, bubbly, and local craft beers. You're welcome to linger before and/or after your service.

The future will be vivid and vibrant. Our diverse world is increasingly full of strong, young individuals who proudly parade their contrast, courage, and confidence, who demand originality and uniqueness in their cut, color, and cosmetics. The future is VIBE, a new salon next door to Avalon’s new Lake Zurich location.

VIBE is where flair, style, and originality collide: a salon where young people of all genders can stand out, and for those who want to experience what could be. VIBE is connected but extremely separate from Avalon; it's the place to be for those who refuse to blend in.

We all deserve more than just a rinse and repeat. Instead let’s go for some hard-earned peace-filled pampering and the chance to show the world how beautiful we are.

See you at Avalon!

Learn more about Bonnie Conte’s salons by visiting AvalonSalonSpas.com and VibeSalon.com. The author, Marty Jalove, is an International Personal and Professional Life & Business Coach. A euphoric optimist, he persistently pursues his passion of helping others harness happiness. Learn more at MasterHappiness.com.

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