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Solve your square footage problems, and create your home sanctuary, by building up and out.

      2020 was a unique year, to say the least. For the first 3 months of the pandemic, it seemed like we were literally limited to our homes. As the months continued, we were still in our homes for more hours a day than ever before and we began noticing and wanting to make changes to our homes.

Many created wish lists now might be the best time to put your thoughts to action. Springtime is approaching. What are you thinking, a kitchen or bath remodel, or would you like to add one more bedroom or bathroom to stop hearing the kids fight every morning, sound familiar? 

            Yorba Linda Remodel is a licensed contractor for the North Orange County area specializing in residential remodeling. Since 1990 owner John Agee is thrilled to be busy building second stories, living rooms, bathrooms, decks, remodeled garages, and more. With all this new construction going on, we wanted to know what cool spaces people are creating these days.

            “The most common request these days are bathrooms,” John says, “but the most unusual or unique remodel I have done lately was a garage with a car lift, an additional bathroom, and a lounge area.” Sounds like the perfect setup for a DIY mechanic!   

            John shares the benefits of building around and above the garage as a common-sense solution for adding extra square footage on smaller-sized lots. “Because of the smaller sizes of property lots, these days and city-mandated set-back measurements, the area above the garage is a great option for an area to add to your home. Many times, the existing rooms located partially above the garage are small bedrooms. Adding on gives you two larger bedrooms or a bonus room. Some homes are set up perfectly to add a home office or a media room. We have had clients turn their new above-garage space into a craft room, a weaving room, a very large walk-in closet, a sewing room, and even a sound studio.”

            Yorba Linda Remodel takes pride in adding square footage to a dwelling in a seamless manner. They provide the necessary blueprints, engineering, and Title 24 documentation required for permits, or, if blueprints are provided, they will gladly provide a quote. “Our goal has been to turn dreams and ideas for your home into reality,” says John, “and we are with our clients every step of the way from initial consultation to the final sign-off.”

            Need a solution for your square footage needs? Yorba Linda Remodel is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured remodeling company ready to find the right solution for you and your home.

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