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The Next Level!

Real talk team, we are living in a new world! The past 2 years have changed the game, and your body is your new opponent. Strap up, put your helmet on, and let's get ready! But, we are going to fight this battle from the inside out. This is how!


  1. Diet and Exercise

    The simplest way to build your immune system is to exercise regularly and eat healthier. This is the perfect time to sign up for 1:1 personal training so a trainer can provide the attention you need from diet to exercise. 

  2. Zinc and Vitamins C & D

    Zinc is a mineral that’s important to the body in many ways, and helps build the immune system. Recommend amount for Females daily is 8mg and 11mg for men. As an antioxidant, vitamin C helps delay certain cancers and promotes healthy aging. Recommend amount for Females daily is 75mg and 90mg for men. The benefits of vitamin D include promoting healthy bones and teeth, immune and nervous system support, and supports lung function and cardiovascular health. Recommend amount for adults is .5mg -1mg daily.

  3. Multivitamin

    Vitamins are essential to filling the gaps in your diet, no matter how healthy you eat. Think of taking vitamins, like an insurance plan for your body. In areas where you fall short, taking a multivitamin will give you the nutrients your body is hungry for. I recommend taking essential multivitamins geared toward women or men daily.

  • Courtney Samuel - Founder/ Owner/ Celebrity Trainer