Lady Bosses

 Alicia Heydari

Owner of Salon Roya, 8580 Ralston Rd

I like bathing in the sun with a good book.

I love creating a place where females come together to empower each other through our craft.

I loathe judgment of others, and bad drivers.

I wish each human could recognize their own power instead of constantly giving it away.

I wonder when the aliens will show their faces.

I regret not living in every present moment. 

I feel full of love and gratitude for this life.

I believe mother nature heals all. 

I appreciate my family and team.

I admire those who show up as their most authentic selves. 

I am a sovereign, powerful being, and so are you!

My favorite beverage is kangen water! 

The perfect day includes soaking up the sun in mother nature, surrounded by loved ones. 

A habit worth keeping is journaling and moving your body. 

My best dating advice is to love yourself first. If your cup isn't overflowing, you can’t fully show up and be in a sustainable partnership. 

My favorite woman in the spotlight is Betty White. I love her sense of humor and her work. 

Amy Erickson

Owner of A&B Auto Repair, 5509 Marshall Street 

I like to cook all different kinds of food.

I love going to see live music.

I loathe laundry of every kind.

I wish I could play an instrument.

I wonder how different the world will look in 10 years.

I regret really nothing, as everything that has happened to me has taken me to where I am today.

I feel excited for things to start to get back to normal again.

I believe in treating people how you wish to be treated (something I tell my kids daily).

I appreciate great food!

I admire my parents for always being there for me.

I am thankful for where life has taken me so far.

My favorite beverage is tea! All kinds!

The perfect day includes spending the day playing in the mountains with my family.

A habit worth keeping is telling your family you love them, every day.

My best dating advice is to always be honest.


Katie Lorsbach

Agent with Country Financial, 7804 Ralston Road

I like food!

I love my family, my clients and this community!

I loathe not being able to visit family during the pandemic. 

I wish everyone had the difficult conversations around life insurance and retirement.

I regret not moving to Colorado sooner.

I believe #thefutureisfemale and women leaders and entrepreneurs are the future!

I appreciate all of my clients who trust me - it means the world to me!

I admire all the first responders who work long hours to keep our families and communities safe.

I am a wife and dog mom.

My favorite beverage is red wine or a good cocktail that includes bourbon or tequila!

The perfect day includes my three boys, my husband Aidan, and my two dogs.

A habit worth keeping is one that results in self-care and positivity.

My best dating advice is to marry your best friend! Life is a wonderful adventure and journey, so it’s important to pick someone you want to do all the things with!

My favorite woman in the spotlight is Tricia Griffith, CEO of Progressive Insurance. Only 7.4% of all the CEOs in the Fortune 500 are female, and she is one of them. 

Susan Wass

Co-Owner of Five Parks Animal Hospital, 13777 West 85th Drive

I like picking fresh, healthy ingredients to cook for the people I love.

I love my husband, my parents, our 19 year-old cat Dexter, travel, chocolate-covered strawberries, hiking, and hot yoga.

I loathe bugs and soggy food.

I wish my elderly parents would live forever.

I regret not being able to finish my novel and hope to revisit writing it someday.

I feel strongly that I employ the most talented and caring veterinary professionals in the industry.

I believe in forgiveness and second chances.

I appreciate how hard my husband works at his job.

I admire my business partner for her work ethic and attention to detail.

I am forever grateful that my best friend kicked cancer’s ass this year.

My favorite beverage is coffee with sweet cream - reminds me of lounging on the couch with my husband and family, telling stories and chatting. 

The perfect day includes a hike.

Habits worth keeping are mindfulness and meditation.

My best dating advice is to exude patience and honor yourself during the process.

My favorite woman in the spotlight is Kerry Walsh, AVP professional beach volleyball player. I played competitive volleyball all my life and I admire her athleticism, discipline, and poise.

Mallory Richers

Owner of Design dei Capelli, 7905 Ralston Rd #106

I like making people beautiful.

I love to teach people my craft.

I loathe those who do not empower others.

I wish I could travel to every country (and I’m going to).

I regret nothing - give me all the experiences!

I feel fabulous!

I believe that dreams are actually goals if you work towards them.

I appreciate my team.

I am a stylist, a teacher, and a mother.

My favorite beverage is Spark because it gives me energy (as if I need any more of that lol).

The perfect day off includes me at the beach with an adult beverage and a cabana boy.

A habit worth keeping is giving gratitude. Every. Single. Day.

My best dating advice is do not commit; just have lovers.

My favorite woman in the spotlight is Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue - I admire her hustle!

Jennifer Hess

Owner of Urban Exteriors, 2500 Youngfield St #2

I like vacations.

I love my family.

I loathe not having chocolate on hand.

I wish for a cure for type 1 diabetes.

I feel full while engaging in the design process and helping people design their dream decks and dream kitchens.

I believe that everyone is truly nice.

I appreciate a good cup of coffee.

I admire my husband.

I am strong.

My favorite beverage is sparkling water. 

The perfect day includes waking up on vacation and spending the entire day with my family on the beach.

A habit worth keeping is exercise! It makes you feel better, eat cleaner, and enjoy your day with less stress.

My best dating advice is to watch how a man treats a server.  If he is a jerk, then you don't want to be with him. 

My favorite woman is Michelle Obama. She has steadily defied expectations and is a powerful advocate for women and girls all over the world.




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