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Boxing Up Some Local Love

Local, unique gifts delivered straight to doorsteps.

How many of us have a pile of Amazon boxes, just waiting to be recycled, stacked up in our garage?  It was a pile of boxes just like this that inspired Josh Davis to create his incredible company, Bodega 38.  Josh, a long time proponent of local businesses, saw a mountain of Amazon boxes taking over his garage and had a sudden feeling of defeat. He decided, at that moment, that he wanted to change the way he shopped.  He wanted to support this community and shop locally.  Unfortunately, Josh discovered that shopping locally was actually much more difficult than it needed to be. He wanted to change his habits, change the way he shopped and knew that if he could make shopping local more convenient, he could change others’ habits as well.  And, Bodega 38 was born!

Bodega 38 is an innovative marketplace known for their thoughtfully curated gift boxes and subscription boxes. “Bodega 38 offers a solution for those in pursuit of unique and locally sourced gifts.” They truly define what it means to be a business that loves all things local.  Bodega 38 is Denver based and is deeply committed to supporting small businesses across the Denver area.  They allow us to experience and support small businesses from across Denver and Colorado, and have it all delivered straight to our doorstep.  They have boxes for culinary enthusiasts, artistic aficionados, as well as holiday boxes (think chocolates for Valentine’s Day)!

Many businesses including hotels (the Rally Hotel in McGregor Square is their latest hotel client), real estate agents, and Airbnb hosts have chosen Bodega 38 for their clients throughout the year. 

Show your local small businesses some love and check out Bodega 38 at

"Supporting small independent retailers not only keeps money within the community but also offers a more sustainable model. If every household in the United States spent just $10 more per month with local businesses, an estimated $9.3 billion would flow into our local communities."

-Josh Davis, Bodega 38 founder

  • Bodega 38 founder Josh Davis and his family.