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Breakfast For Dinner?

Surprise The Kids!

Article by Crystal Henry/The Basic Pitch

Photography by Crystal Henry

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

You can put eggs and bacon on pasta and it’s called carbonara. But no pasta and all of a sudden you’re eating breakfast for dinner. As a kid, breakfast for dinner was a safe way to break the rules. Scarfing pancakes after 11 a.m. feels almost dangerous and daring. But in reality it’s often the result of a forgone trip to the grocery store or sheer exhaustion from the chef on duty that night.

An upscale brinner is a smorgasbord complete with orange juice, eggs, bacon, fruit, pancakes or even French toast. The Wednesday night warrior is a bowl of cold cereal on the couch. The novelty of inviting breakfast foods outside morning hours isn’t reserved just for dinner time. Brunch is the elegant upscale cousin of the more mischievous brinner.

But it’s the simple act of turning routine on its head that makes those dishes taste different. There are no restrictions on when to merge a waffle mountain with your menu, because after all … breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  • Violet Henry enjoying breakfast foods at dinner time