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Kiss My Angus Burger

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Breakfast or Lunch, It's Always Time for Brunch Cafe

New in 2020: Business at Brunch Cafe Networking!

Article by Stephen Neilson

Photography by Stephen Neilson

Originally published in SW Lake Lifestyle

Brunch Cafe, a steadily-growing local restaurant chain, is very much a family business. Brothers Andy and Ted Zatos, Andy’s brother-in-law Peter Revel and cousin George Reveliotis are co-owners/operators, proud of their growing brand. They're convinced their laser-like focus on customers, serving creative versions of classic dishes quickly with friendly, attentive service in a welcoming space, keeps people coming back.

“We’re a great spot for morning business breakfasts, client meetings, holiday parties, recognition events, or informal employee get-togethers,” says Chris Cabano, General Manager of the Kildeer Brunch Cafe. “In 2020 we're excited to partner with SW Lake Lifestyle with the addition of a recurring networking event for local businesspersons to gather over breakfast and collaborate.”

The spacious Brunch Cafe in Kildeer has high ceilings, huge front windows, invitingly-open flow and a cheerful decor. (The clean, modern menu design also is a plus). Up front, a beverages-to-go bar serves coffee drinks, a wide range of teas, and specialty drinks for shoppers and commuters. There are multiple specials daily; the favorites land on future menus. The efficient kitchen team delivers meals in under five minutes with mouth-watering presentations. (Fast local delivery is available via

Frequent-diner favorites include:

Blueberry Bliss Pancakes: Stacked-and-stuffed with vanilla brunch creme, topped with fresh plump blueberries, drizzled artistically with blueberry and vanilla glazes.

Berry Explosion: Light, crunchy Belgian Waffle, fresh berries, blueberry and strawberry glaze. 

Kick My Angus Burger:  Certified Angus patty on brioche bun topped with jalapeños, chipotle ranch dressing, gourmet onion rings and crunchy sweet potato fries. (Co-owner Peter Revel chuckled as he shared how his son, upon trying the KMA Burger, has insisted for years that dad bring one home for him at least once a week. “He’s 15 now and a big kid, and he eats that thing in like 2 seconds.”)

Nacho Scrambler: Scrambled eggs, corn tortilla chips, diced chicken, tomato, green onion, salsa verde and pepperjack cheese. 

Berry Chicken Salad: House-made chicken salad with pecans, apples & berries on mixed greens with blueberry pomegranate dressing. 

Breakfast/Lunch, 6:30am—2:30pm daily; Kildeer: 20393 N Rand Rd., 847.847.7120. Fox River Grove: 935 Route 22, 847.516.0409.

  • L-R: General Manager Chris Cabano; Manager Nicki O’Connor; Co-Owner Peter Revel
  • Kiss My Angus Burger
  • Blueberry Bliss Pancakes
  • Berry Explosion
  • Berry Chicken Salad
  • Business Breakfast at Brunch Cafe
  • Nacho Scrambler