Breaking the Ice:

How Wild Ice Skincare is Redefining Beauty Norms

From Humble Beginnings to Revolutionary Skincare

The story of Wild Ice Skincare, a brand that has now become synonymous with disruption, innovation and purity in the skincare industry, is deeply rooted in a journey that began under the austere conditions of communism in 1993 Siberia. The founder, Mila Busch of Wild Ice reflects on her childhood, where luxury items were a rarity, and skincare was a privilege often crafted from garden fruits and vegetables using age-old folk recipes. This upbringing instilled in her a deep appreciation for natural ingredients, efficacy, and value - the three pillars that would later become the guiding principles of her brand. 

New York: The Land of Opportunities and Challenges

After moving to New York, Mila’s quest to find skincare products aligning with her principles of natural ingredients, efficacy, and value was unsuccessful. This unmet need in the market fueled a resolve to develop her own product line. Mila embarked on a journey of experimentation, creating products with fresh, cold-preserved ingredients, beginning with traditional Aleppo handmade soaps. Initially intended for personal use, the soaps quickly gained popularity among friends and family. This small-scale soap venture laid the foundation for what would later flourish into the distinctive skincare brand we now know as Wild Ice Botanicals.

The Chilling Revelation

Mila crossed paths with Andrew, who would become both her life partner and business ally, in 2010. Andrew was serving as an Army MEDEVAC pilot in Fort Hood, Texas, at that time, with his final mission involving crash rescue operations for a flight school in Alabama. It was Andrew's unwavering support and encouragement that inspired Mila to transform her passion into a tangible venture. Armed with years of diligent experimentation and an MBA, Mila brought her dream to fruition by launching a skincare brand that became a beacon of freshness, natural ingredients, and exceptional quality. A significant turning point for the brand occurred in 2018 when the couple introduced the innovative practice of refrigerating the brand's ingredients, akin to how food is preserved. This scientifically endorsed approach significantly boosted the products' efficacy, capturing the attention of customers. The source of this newfound acclaim was initially a mystery. The moment of revelation came during a visit to a major skincare retailer, where Mila observed that even canned coffee was chilled to maintain freshness, unlike skincare products. This realization prompted a strategic pivot for the brand, leading to the commitment to refrigerate all its products. This distinctive approach would soon become a defining feature of Mila's brand, Wild Ice.

Defying Conventions: The Birth of Wild Ice

Wild Ice's dedication to chilling its products led to a major decision when a significant retailer opportunity arose. The retailer's reluctance to chill the products in-store was at odds with the brand's core value of efficacy. In a bold move, Mila and Andrew withdrew from the deal, choosing to uphold their principles over commercial growth. This defiance against industry norms led to the rebranding of the company as Wild Ice Botanicals, a name that reflects their commitment to cold-preserved skincare.

A Unique Approach in a Saturated Market

Today, Wild Ice Botanicals stands out in the skincare industry, not just for its unique cold-preservation method, but also for its innovative approach to production, the unique product naming and packaging. The brand operates from its own studio, where each product is meticulously crafted from scratch, adhering to FDA guidelines, and maintaining a strong policy against outsourcing. Mila emphasizes the company's conscious approach to scaling Wild Ice, ensuring that growth aligns with their core values. Collaborating exclusively with smaller boutiques that share their commitment to chilling products, Wild Ice ensures that their items remain fresh up to the moment of sale. The brand's use of custom glass and wood bottles showcases its dedication to innovation and environmental stewardship. Setting itself apart in the industry, Wild Ice produces limited batches in-house, prioritizing quality and sustainability by avoiding conventional packaging materials such as bubble wrap and styrofoam.

More Than Just a Brand: A Family Legacy

If you meet Mila and Andrew, you will quickly understand that Wild Ice will always remain a small family business at heart, evident in their presence at open-air markets along the Emerald Coast. The brand's philosophy extends beyond just selling products; it's about treating each customer as part of their family. This ethos is embodied in every aspect of Wild Ice, making it not just a skincare brand, but a lifestyle choice for those who value tradition, innovation, and a deep sense of community.

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Locals can currently experience the Wild Ice products at the Cryo850 Spa in Destin and at the Pearl Spa in Rosemary Beach.

In the end it’s all about family, and that’s exactly how you deserve to be treated - as family.

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