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It's All In The Details

Creating drama, comfort and intention in every room

From hosting parties to housing families who are between homes, Carol and Jesse May have always had the mindset that home is for sharing. 

What The Mays love most about their home? The location. They are within one mile of their children and grandchildren. Carol adds, “We love our neighbors and enjoy walking downtown for events and great restaurants.” 

“Our home is the perfect size and floor plan for this stage of our lives. We can easily entertain large groups, but it is not unyielding to maintain.”

When The Mays bought their Twickenham home, they had a great foundation to build on. The kitchen, cabinets, and bathrooms had all been recently renovated by Neutrals Interiors. 

To make it their own, The Mays brought in dynamic duo, interior designer Jodi Adams and artisan of all trades Mike Knox. Carol remarks, “I love all styles which makes decision-making difficult. Jesse is more traditional. Jodi and Mike were able to provide a design that blended old and new to please us both.” The collaboration between these minds and attention to detail has created a home that is warm, inviting yet sumptuous with every step and each turn of a corner.

The unforgettable deep blue parlor was inspired by pictures Adams had seen in designer magazines of lacquered walls. Knox knew how to prepare the surface and get the finish just right. The prep work alone to lacquer the walls takes longer than the application. Adams states, "And Mike is one of those artists that if he's not happy with it, he will rip it out." 

“We finely sanded the walls and used high gloss auto paint to create a mirror-like finish to complete the room," Adams explains. "This is my favorite room in the home.” 

Knox adds, "You have to get the walls without any imperfections because the high gloss picks up everything. You have to avoid overspray too and the fumes are intense, but we have it down to a science now using duct work and fans to get the fumes out."

The marble fireplace in this room is a true work of art and engineering. When you enter The May’s home your eye is immediately drawn to the marble cabinet above the fireplace. Carol adds, “The fireplace was a cross between my wanting all televisions hidden and Mikes ingenuity to make it beautiful. I wanted a room for my piano and Jesse wanted a room for watching football.” With large bookmarked marble slabs hung with airplane hinges to hold the weight, Knox hid the television while creating a statement piece. The slabs also compliment the wall finish. 

Adams recalls the space did have its challenges, "The existing space had large doors that swung into the room, constricting the space. We started by converting these beautiful features to pocket doors and adding new hardware. The space gained allowed for a large sectional which we designed to feature strong, vertical channels since this piece is one of the first things you see when entering the room."

Other than the deep blue hued parlor, The Mays wanted to stay neutral while using unique finishes like Roman Clay which lines the hallways, stairwell and family room, and lacquered walls and ceilings which can also be found in the dining room. Designer Adams loves wallpaper, so it was chosen for a few rooms, the bedroom and powder bath.

The Mays enjoy spending most of their leisure time in the living room with the big iron doors. “The light and it’s openness to the kitchen makes it feel connected to whatever is going on there. Overall, I wanted as much light in every room as possible. The fireplace makes it cozy,” Carol says. Sassafras which had been burnt and waxed was used the frame the fireplace, another Knox idea.

There are cased openings on all rooms except the bedroom and bathrooms, so that light flows through the entire home, and so that it feels like one big space for entertaining.

Adams had just helped The Mays remodel their former home before the opportunity to buy their Twickenham home came along. Carol found herself attached to certain designs they had just completed in their old home. Their bedroom is almost a duplicate of their last bedroom that Adams designed.  Carol smiles, “We loved it so much, we duplicated the wallpaper and rug and brought everything else with us. It’s calming and neutral with just enough color to make it interesting.”

The dining room chandelier is also a duplicate. “It feels like a souvenir from our time on the farm.” 

The dark floors of white with an ebony stain run throughout the home creating historic, yet sleek look that matches the interiors.

For Adams, the goal was to preserve the basic structure of the home The Mays loved, while updating it and adding some sophisticated drama. "One of the things I most enjoyed was watching the homeowners evolve during the project. From an initial anxiousness about certain proposals, like lacquering the walls and ceiling of the dining room, to accepting and even embracing options that they might never have otherwise considered. It is such a collaborative effort. The project was especially enjoyable because of Carol and Jesse. They are two of the most gracious, kind, giving people."

The Mays see this home as their forever home. Adams and Knox have created a place where they can gather with friends and family and build memories. A place that is warm, comfortable and peaceful, yet sophisticated and dramatic all at the same time. A place where you feel the intention and love when you enter each room.

Jodi Adams, Interior Designer 256.783.3549

“The fireplace was a cross between my wanting all televisions hidden and Mike's ingenuity. I wanted a room for my piano and Jesse wanted a room for watching football.”