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Brick by Brick

Cracked or damaged masonry can create an eyesore for your home—but Brick Restoration has the tools to not only fix your house, but restore it to its original beauty.

Article by Christiana Stephens

Photography by Brick Restoration

Originally published in Park Cities Lifestyle

As your home ages, its façade will also age. Brick walls and stucco can begin to show cracks, and leaks can occur, among other issues brought on by the elements. But even with unpredictable Texas weather, you don’t have to settle for unsightly cracks or mismatched mortar. Masonry restoration company Brick Restoration, Inc. has been repairing homes for 30 years in Houston and two in Dallas—and has proven that they can take on even the toughest projects and make them good as new. We talked with president Betty Mooney about the keys to Brick Restoration’s success.

How was Brick Restoration born?

My father, Roberto Zumeta, started Brick Restoration out of our garage in 1993 in Houston. Back then, the standard masonry repairs left homes with an ugly patch job or scars from cracks in the brick and mortar. He saw the need in our own neighborhood and around our community for a brick repair service that didn’t just repair the brick but also made it blend into the original look of the home. That’s where we got our tagline: “We restore to original beauty.” He’s always been an inventor at heart, so he invented some proprietary products and did some different things with masonry materials. I’ve been running the company for the past eight years, and we always dreamed about expanding to Dallas, which we finally did in 2021.

What services does Brick Restoration offer? 

We provide seamless repairs for all types of masonry—brick, stone, and stucco. We help homeowners, property managers, and HOAs repair and enhance their biggest assets. Homeowners often call us because they have cracks and damaged brick on their homes, leaning columns, or leaking chimneys, and sometimes their home is simply lacking some curb appeal. Property managers and board members often need help with repairing their neighborhood monument signs or a brick perimeter fence. For all these problems, we have ways of restoring, enhancing, and maintaining the beauty of masonry. One of our most popular services with homeowners is our Brick Deco Wash, which is a masonry coating we apply over the brick or stone that completely transforms the look of the home. The application techniques include White Wash, German Smear, and Slurry, and they can be applied in a range of colors. Another exciting service for HOAs and residents is our Brick Perimeter Fence Program. This is our method of repairing, rather than replacing, the brick fences that often surround high-end communities in Texas.

Why is having good masonry work on your house so important?

The brick, stone, or stucco on your home is the first line of defense for protecting it against the elements—especially water. Water is the biggest enemy of any home, and ensuring your masonry is free of cracks that could cause leaks is critical if you want to prevent more costly damage later. The masonry walls, columns, and other features around your home also provide protection and curb appeal, and keeping those in good shape enhances the value and beauty of your property.

What is one surprising element of masonry restoration?

Most people don’t know there are simple repairs that can be done to brick. They usually think that damaged or cracked brick is something they have to live with or that they have to completely replace. I had a customer in Carrollton, and one side of their home had two or three cracks from the roof line all the way down to the foundation. All they needed was for us to come in and install some fasteners. We were able to refasten the wall to the framing of the house because it had come loose. We were able to then repair the cracks, and it cost them a fraction of what it would have cost to demolish and rebuild.

What sets Brick Restoration apart from other companies serving DFW and the Park Cities?

We live by three brand promises. First, every customer gets a five-star service experience regardless of the size of their job. Next, we promise clarity and accuracy in price and scope. Finally, we promise an undetectable repair at a glance. I let customers know it is possible that if you know exactly where a repair was done, you might be able to pick it out. But anyone walking by or up to your home will never be able to tell work was done there. Our mission is to improve properties and improve lives­—the lives of our customers, our employees, and our partners. Our specially trained technicians are not just masons; they are true artisans.

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  • President Betty Mooney