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Routine Dental Care. Exceptional Dental Clinic.

Your teeth are precious. But so is the rest of you. Whether you observe the twice a year rule for routine teeth cleaning and oral exams – or only visit the dentist when you have a pressing need for their care – you deserve a whole lot out of the experience. 

A hospitable environment where you never feel rushed. A staff that treats you with warmth and skill. A dentist who is fully invested in the community he serves, and who spares no effort helping his patients understand their oral health and available treatment options. 

Surely, that would be Brilliant Dentistry.

“Simple and direct. At its heart, great dental care can only be these two things,” said Jennifer Mosely, who consults for Brilliant Dentistry founder Dr. Kevin Bril. “We know how incredibly important regular teeth check-ups are, and want to make the process go as smoothly as possible for anyone who walks through our door, no matter their needs. 

“You’re likely to find our waiting room totally empty on your arrival. That’s because we only see one patient at a time – the best and only way to ensure we devote all of our attention to such a fundamental aspect of their health. If you only come to us to have your teeth cleaned and your gums, mouth, throat and neck examined for any signs of trouble, we pledge to get you in and out again quickly.

“If you have any questions you would like to ask or concerns you would like to raise during your visit, I am here for you. I personally spend 90 minutes with any of our patients when they choose to discuss their oral health. Maybe they dislike the appearance of their smile, and would like to learn how cosmetic dentistry could help them. Maybe they are struggling with TMJ, sleep apnea, or some other condition that isn’t traditionally associated with dentistry. I am equally prepared to discuss their potential treatment options at length. 

“Thanks to Dr. Bril’s advanced studies after graduating from University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, he’s able to provide quite advanced care in addition to the routine oral hygiene we perform every day here at our clinic. Even if you’re only marginally curious about the other facets of dentistry Dr. Bril specializes in, he’s available to fully explain your options in plain English. It’s his way of making you a partner in your treatment plan – should you choose to have one.

“Offering everything under one roof is core to our mission at Brilliant Dentistry. Dr. Bril can perform a facial rejuvenation that makes his patient look 10 years younger, but providing convenient and comprehensive preventative oral care is just as important. Detecting diseases of the mouth early and removing plaque before it can cause gum disease are two of the most vital services any dentist can offer.

“And we truly do offer them to everyone. Dr. Bril’s talents have earned Brilliant Dentistry’s place as one of the Twin Cities’ premier providers of cosmetic and restorative surgery. I believe that reputation is well-deserved, but I wouldn’t like it to deter members of our community from seeking our aid for any dental issue they could imagine. We do the simple things too! We just do them in a luxury environment, where you’re given the same gold level of service no matter your reason for visiting.”

Brilliant Dentistry is located at 7727 Flying Cloud Drive in Eden Prairie. Please call (952) 944-2052 or visit to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Bril.

We know how incredibly important regular teeth check-ups are, and want to make the process go as smoothly as possible for anyone who walks through our door, no matter their needs.

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