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Kelly Cox's House of Creature Offers Novel Approach to Meal Kits

Article by Jordan Gray

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Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

Are you a culinary explorer?

Kelly Cox, founder of House of Creature, is. And after years of globetrotting for her PBS program, “Original Fare,” she’s determined to impart her passion for flavor to others.

“I'm just so curious about what people make and why they made it,” she said. “And so, being curious I think is really where it starts and, from there, trying something new.”

That’s where House of Creature’s Culinary Adventure Kits come in.

“Doing a monthly food kit is really about what’s in season and what we should be celebrating,” Cox said. “And a lot of that is because Idaho’s season is different than any other state I’ve lived in before. My goal is really to showcase what we're making on the farm and then also what other people are making both here in the Treasure Valley area and Idaho, as well as other sorts of interesting global ingredients and artisans. I’m so passionate about other makers. It’s so important for me to showcase them.”

Cox’s world travels often had her out learning about ingredients from the people who made or grew them, which she wanted to share with the kits.

“You get together with a group of friends or your family and you try something new, or maybe it's not too new for you, but you might get to indulge in ingredients you haven't had before. And it comes with all the details on what is included as well as a written recipe and, most of the time, a video recipe so you know how to do it. I want to help people learn and enjoy this, so I'm here to engage with folks to help them get the best experience.”

The kit prices vary, depending on what’s in season.

“They’re incredibly small batch,” Cox said. “We make like 40 kits per month for now. I can’t wait for that to change and for us to grow and expand.”

Cox moved to Idaho in 2020, purchasing two acres in Star which she now farms with her husband and parents. While she tried to get “Original Fare” going again, the media landscape had changed. And so, House of Creature and the kit idea blossomed.

“With House of Creature, I’m trying to provide a house with many different windows and doors for people to engage and support healthy and delicious food systems.”

As for the name?

“Creature is a large animal paper mâché head you can actually wear on your head,” Cox said. “I got her when I was in Haiti in a village that makes animal masks for Carnival. Which was a really hilarious thing to get through customs.  Creature has always sort of been my doppelganger. And for House of Creature, it was time for her to rise up and be the overarching mascot.”

If you’re looking for winter meal ideas, Cox offered her favorite, which she intends to feature in January.

“I'm the geek who will spend three days making the traditional French cassoulet. And getting that perfectly crusty top and making just a really simple radicchio salad on the side. With like the perfect glass of wine, which you could go with a really bright, acidic white or some sort of juicy, jammy red. Oh, that would be heaven. And probably a nice big sourdough baguette with just a little bit of olive oil and salt.”

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