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Fayette County company has worldwide impact.

Engineering is the process to solve real-world problems using technology, a process that touches every facet of our lives. Each day, engineers take technologies developed in laboratories and find ways to use them to create new products and services that drive our economy and raise the standard of living for people across the world. 

That is precisely why The Ginn Group, based in Peachtree City, started a new division focused on engineering and professional services – INGITEQ. Combining ingenuity and technology, INGITEQ provides quality, responsive, and cost-effective services and solutions empowering innovation for their commercial, state/local government, and federal government customers. 

While a new operation, the INGITEQ team has a rich experience in applying technology across major industries including aerospace, agribusiness, defense, energy, nuclear, food and beverage processing, manufacturing, petrochemical, and electronic systems. No matter what area INGITEQ works in, the goal is to push the boundaries of possibilities and empower innovation, bringing new ideas to life. 

A focus of the INGITEQ team is automation and controls, an area that is very important to many sectors including manufacturing, food processing, and even local water and sewer systems. Companies and governments need the right expertise to implement new technology in their operations to increase efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and create better working environments. The INGITEQ team is equipped with experts who identify the most opportune processes for automation by outfitting a tailored solution. They work with the customer to help them clearly understand the various methods and tools that can be used to introduce automation, including programmable logic controllers (PLCs), variable frequency drives (VFDs), automated level control, PID loops, and others. Let’s take a look at a few examples of real-world applications of these technologies. 

On March 11, 2011, an earthquake off Japan's coast caused a tsunami that severely damaged the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear facility, resulting in the melt-down of the nuclear reactors. Part of the engineering team for the clean-up was INGITEQ Chief Engineer Zack Woodis, who developed specialized filtration systems to remove the radioactive cesium from wastewater in the plant. Zack provided his design expertise in electrical systems to support the onsite integration of the filtration systems. He also provided ongoing support to troubleshoot the system operations and provided controls design support for the remote manipulator for the cleanup of the onsite cesium holding tanks. 

Closer to home, INGITEQ Vice President of Engineering Greg Young has worked on many projects for agribusiness companies needing automation for irrigation systems for some of the largest farms and wineries in North America. Greg also works with those companies on the various automated systems to move and process the food products that feed our country. His experience also spans diverse manufacturing processes which have a whole special set of automation and controls needs. 

INGITEQ also has a strong capability in aerospace, a key industry in Georgia and the southeast. INGITEQ COO Steve Justice worked with the teams that developed some of the most advanced aircraft in the world including the B-2 Stealth Bomber, F-22 Raptor, C-130J Hercules, Gulfstream business jet, and the X-60A hypersonic rocket. Steve even led the development of an award-winning interior design for a commercial airliner. 

In addition, Sr. Staff Engineer Jeff Peiter brings over 30 years of experience from Delta TechOps where he led a team that identified and implemented emerging technologies to enhance safety, increase reliability, and reduce costs for Delta Air Lines. Often, those technologies were initially developed to address problems in industries other than commercial aviation. 

Led by this strong core team, INGITEQ also has a cadre of extremely experienced subject matter experts across various fields of engineering, including licensed professional engineers and certified network engineers with numerous industry certifications. This diversified group of engineering talent can deliver great value by understanding the needs of the customer and identifying those emerging technologies that can best meet those needs. INGITEQ is planning to grow this team to add new skills to better serve its clients. 

Backed by the corporate strength of The Ginn Group with 25 years of success in business, the future looks bright for INGITEQ to fill the needs of customers for engineering services, technical solutions, and innovation programs. Look for them to keep growing right here in Fayette County and across the southeast. INGITEQ – empowering innovation. 

  • Photo: Jason Muldrow
  • VP of Engineering, Greg Young. Photo: Jason Muldrow
  • COO Steve Justice, PE. Photo: Jason Muldrow

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