Bringing Nature Indoors

Plant Solutions' Unique Living Designs and Décor

“Bringing natural elements into the indoor environment is soothing. Humans have an innate need to connect with other living things. It makes us calmer and makes us feel better,” says Joe Zazzera. 

Zazzera co-owns Plant Solutions with Pat Mahan. The company launched in 1981, and since then, it has been “designing, installing, and maintaining healthy plants in environments ranging from office towers and malls to mansions and patios.”

Plant Solutions’ plants, living walls, and MossWallArt™ can be seen across the Valley, offering not only stunning designs, but a health advantage, as well.

“Plants naturally refresh the air, so they ingest harmful toxins and release oxygen, improving the surrounding air quality,” Zazzera explains.

The pandemic has also added a new aspect to their business—mobile plants, living plant walls, and moss walls that serve to create unique separations of space, while creating soothing interiors. As we return to our offices, employers are promoting wellness, safety, and care for their employees through the use of bringing nature indoors.

“Our ancestors lived in nature, not buildings, so there’s a natural affiliation for nature.”

This downtown Phoenix Lobby, with custom steel built in planters, is planted with Sansevieria Zeylanica (mother in laws tongue). The freestanding textured MossWallArt™ enhances the wayfinding.

Project designers enhanced the biophilic design of this project by recessing MossWallArt into custom woodwork. The combination of the two design elements reminds one of being in nature. The calming effect enhances overall well-being.

This Residential living plant wall has five different plant types, and over 1,000 plants. The integrated irrigation system has internet-based sensors and controllers for remote watering and care. 

An art collector's residence is enhanced with a custom MossWallArt piece (in the background). The built-in planter in the foreground is planted with air filtering plants.

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