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Brittany Aldean Style

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Brittany Aldean Instagram Influencer and Collaborator

Brittany Aldean Tips on Style & Living A Good Life

Article by Jennifer Kaufman

Photography by Ashley Hylbert

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

Who is Brittany Aldean?

Brittany Aldean is the beautiful wife of country singer, Jason Aldean. She was born as Brittany Kerr. 

Brittany and Jason have been married since 2015, and they have two adorable children, Memphis and Navy. Brittany is certainly living the good life in many aspects of her life. As the loving and caring wife of a famous singer, a mother, an entrepreneur, collaborator with ShoeDazzle and as a social media influencer on Instagram.   

Before Brittany married Jason, she was a cheerleader, an NBA dancer and even auditioned for American Idol. Her fame has grown exponentially and continues to grow with her collaborations and social media .  

We had the privilege of being able to ask Brittany some questions about her and her life. She’s down-to-earth and very sweet.  

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. I went to the University of Alabama for college and graduated in 2009. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and currently reside in Nashville with my sweet family. 

How do you look so glam every day?

I definitely don’t look glam every day, after all, I have a 1 and a 2-year-old! I do take pride in my appearance, though, and try to put makeup on and do my hair (to the best of my ability) whenever I can. It’s hard to find time to do these things with babies running around, so I have to utilize nap time. I absolutely love fashion, so any time we have an event or a special night out, I love to express myself through my clothing, hair and makeup. 

What are you most comfortable wearing?  

I am definitely most comfortable in a trendy sweatsuit and tennis shoes. My husband and I love a good pair of Nikes or Adidas and definitely need a bigger closet because our collections are taking over!

Knowing that you can sing, have you and Jason ever thought about doing a duet together?

When he has the opportunity to do a duet with someone, he looks for women a little more musically established than me, (haha). However, we have our fair share of duets in the car and in the house! I usually make him sing Boys ll Men or another R&B song so I can try to harmonize with him. We do love karaoke, and I think people would be surprised to hear that our song we like to perform is “Forgot About Dre” by Dr. Dre and Eminem. It’s a crowd-pleaser for sure! 

How do you find the time being on the road with Jason, being the mom of young kids, a wife and working?

I try to find balance in it all. I like to alternate weekends during tours: one with the babies on the road with us, one where we three stay home while Jason is out and one where I go alone so Jason and I can have a weekend together. I had our daughter, Navy, when our son was 14 months old and it became a lot to do alone while Jason was on the road, so we now have a nanny that helps out. She is heaven sent and so are the family members we have here in Nashville that help us when needed. I have a whole new appreciation for the saying “it takes a village." It truly does!

How did you get started as a collaborator with ShoeDazzle?

ShoeDazzle reached out to do a collaboration with me and it has honestly been one of, if not my favorite one, thus far. I love shoes, fashion and self-expression through personal style. Working with them has given me the ability to show people that you can still be stylish while not breaking the bank.  

What are your favorite things about living in Nashville?

If you ask me where my favorite place to be is, it's here in Nashville. The music, the people, the animals. Never have I lived in a place where your neighbors own zebras, or your driving down the interstate and see beautiful buffalo grazing. Being the animal lover that I am, this is a pretty ideal place for me. The way people love my husband, his music, our family, it's an amazing feeling. I feel at home, and there’s a sense of peace here that I’ve never had in any other city I’ve lived in. We are currently building our forever home here, a project we’ve been working on for two and a half years. Nothing makes me happier knowing my babies are being raised in this amazing place. 

As an influencer, you’re so active with your Instagram followers. Do you find it time-consuming? Do you ever get the urge to quit?  

It is a part-time job, no doubt. People are very interested in our life, what our babies are doing, which city we are in. It’s fun to document our lives and share them with fans but there is also a dark side to it all. I have had the urge to remove myself from it multiple times. It is a platform for people to bully and say things that are harmful and disrespectful. I have no energy for that. I've found that blocking people and deleting the negativity has been the most effective method. My page will always remain a positive, happy place where rudeness is not welcome. Oh how I love our fans, though! They have our backs on and off social media, and I am forever grateful for their support. 

Where would you like for your career to take you?

I just want to continue to grow, as a person, as a brand, as a helper. If I can help my family, friends and people in need, I’m good. It is a blessing to be in a position where I don’t need to work but choose to do so. Not only for my personal independence and freedom, but for others. Having my own career makes me happy, truly happy. I need to have my own and to be creative, so I hope that opportunities continue to come my way.

The sky is the limit, and I will always have the desire to grow and evolve, on a business and personal level.  

Learn more about Brittany, Jason, her lovely family, and her collaborations on her Instagram profile

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  • Brittany Aldean Style
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  • Brittany Aldean Instagram
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  • ShoeDazzle Collaborator
  • Brittany Aldean Instagram
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