Brooke Ochojski

+Owner, Lips By Brooke +Passionate +Driven +Caring

What started your career path?

I knew I wanted to be an RN in High School. My mom battled many health problems throughout her lifetime. I always had a desire to help people like her and be an advocate for them. Years later I left traditional nursing to open a business and now own and operate a small Medispa, a specialty Injectable Studio. I love helping people feel confident and help them reach their skin care goals. My business is called Lips By Brooke. I offer a lot more than lip injections but I a do a lot of them and the name stuck.

What are you are proud of?

Being a mother is by far the hardest, yet most rewarding work I do. I am proud of my kids every day. They are my pride and joy. They amaze me continually and are my greatest accomplishment.

What is your definition of success?

Success means: feeling a sense of accomplishment, working hard and not giving up, failing and trying again, doing your best, helping others, resting your head on your pillow at night and knowing tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities, facing your fears, pushing your body, mind and spirit to the limit, then giving it a little more. All these things make up my definition of success.

Any advice for the next generation?

Be more present. Put down your cell phones, engage in conversation with your friends, your family, your teachers, your coaches, your peers. Build meaningful relationships and let go of ones that no longer serve you. Challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. It’s ok to feel uncomfortable, that’s when change happens. Ask for what you want. Don’t be afraid if the answer is no. Work hard for what you want in life. Find gratitude in the small things.

Being a mother is by far the hardest, yet most rewarding work I do. I am proud of my kids every day.

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