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Students playing music from the masters, including Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, and more.

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Striking a Sweet Chord

Broomfield Youth Symphony by Intermezzo Academy of Music

Article by Linda Bolander

Photography by Sarah Dawn Photography

Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

Challenging, yet nurturing—that is the perfect description of the learning environment you will find at Broomfield Youth Symphony. This delicate balance is one of the many reasons that students excel and thrive, and parents are ecstatic.

BYS is a local classroom and ensemble devoid of stringent requirements. Instead of a lot of rules, you will find an abundance of encouragement. 

Intermezzo Academy of Music started BYS because other youth orchestras are often too far away for working parents, are costly, and sometimes require private lessons and entry auditions. BYS auditions just for placement—if you want to play, you’re in! 

Why? Because music is too important for anyone to tell you “no.” Studies show music students do better at school, are more empathetic, and are more likely to attend college. In fact, several medical schools claim acceptance rates of music majors is higher than other fields.

Families from all income brackets should have access to the performing arts, so generous financial aid is available. If you want to attend BYS but budget is a little tight, they encourage you to come out anyway!

This year they’re planning four concerts, and are accepting students in all classes. Here are just a few of the most popular.

  • Jump Start Strings: Ages 4-5, beginning violin classes.

  • Composer’s Club: Ages 5-7, where students learn to read music by writing it.

  • Serenata String Ensemble: First-year school orchestra experience or equivalent. 

  • Academy String Orchestra: Middle to high school orchestra students.

  • Philharmonic: A full symphony for high school age students.

Here are what some of our parents and students say about BYS:

“BYS provides an affordable opportunity for my children to play music from the Masters…such as Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi.  Practice time is my favorite part of the day!” —Eileen E.

”What I like about BYS is the music. It's challenging and pushes me to continue learning new things. I think others should join because it's a great experience. I was a bit nervous on my first day, but now I'm excited to go to rehearsal!” —Steffie G.

“What I like about BYS is that the people are talented which makes BYS great.” —Allie G.

It’s free to visit, so they encourage families to stop by for a rehearsal and speak with them. They’ll listen to your needs and explore ways that you can get involved in your hometown youth orchestra.

Call 720-432-6873 to schedule a visit, and go to their website at to learn more about the organization.

  • Students playing music from the masters, including Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, and more.