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Broomfield's Lyrical Library

At Monkton Guitars, David Willams encourages musical exploration

Article by Lauren Hendrick

Photography by Sarah Dawn Photography

Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

David Williams owns Monkton Guitars, which is less a retail store and more a sprawling, magnificent library of string instruments--some handcrafted, some for beginners, and some behind glass cases. David encourages you to try out each and every one while in the store, until you find the one that feels right for you.

Personalized service is important to David, which is why he chose to model his store “based on the way shops used to be thirty or forty years ago, where people came in and they could play guitars and kids could try things out. That doesn’t exist in the world today,” he explains, later detailing how a ‘sales volume’ mentality often drives a ‘you can’t play it unless you buy it’ attitude from many music outlets.

The building itself was formerly a post office, but now displays a stunning collection of electric and acoustic guitars on every wall and corner. The halls are a kaleidoscope of bright fillmore posters, vibrant tapestries, and framed music legends. An old bank vault sits open, inviting you to play the big ticket guitars. You can also find equipment, accessories, and services such as repair and lessons.

The store title ‘Monkton Guitars’ is actually a tribute to Monkton, Maryland. The small town was the launching point from which David and his friend embarked on a tour of the guitar scene in the late 1980s--a series of journeys across the nation that introduced David to the guitar industry, an arena that looked completely different in 1989. David explained that, because there was no internet at the time, people relied on guitar shows, which drew all the major manufacturers as well as a huge crowd of music lovers.

But music was not the only appeal that the guitar industry held over David. He holds a degree in engineering science and electrical engineering, which drew him to electric guitars, especially collectors items. 

Monkton Guitars serves as Broomfield’s mecca for fine guitars, and an inspiring feature for the community. David regularly donates guitars to School of Rock Broomfield, and additionally offers free repairs to the students.

Monkton guitars is a resource for musicians--seasoned, aspiring, or otherwise--a library echoing with chords and tones and rhythm.

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