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Brother + Sister Attorneys Help Clients Through Divorce

They Bring a Fresh Perspective to Domestic Litigation at Norton Hare LLC

Divorce is a difficult but sometimes unavoidable fact of life. Those facing this challenge need the support of family and friends and the counsel of an attorney who will look out for their best interests.

“We try to keep the client’s focus on the fact that the technical side of a divorce involves making ‘business’ decisions to help the family move forward financially,” says attorney Lindsay Hare, a partner in Norton Hare LLC in Overland Park. “We are here to work with the client on weighing those financial decisions, while also giving our clients the space that they need to work through the very raw and real emotions that come with this side of the law.”

Hare is highly respected for her expertise in the area of domestic litigation, as well as criminal defense, DUI, personal injury and general litigation. She has been named to Kansas and Missouri Super Lawyers for three consecutive years. Her legal partner also has an impressive resume—and just happens to be her brother.

Attorney Ryan Hare represents clients in the areas of divorce, child custody, child support and other domestic relations issues. He has been selected as a Super Lawyer every year since 2008 and has repeatedly been recognized as one of the top 100 trial lawyers by the American Trial Lawyers Association.

A Brother + Sister Team

How did two siblings wind up earning law degrees from the University of Kansas and eventually going into practice together?

“Our parents encouraged us to seek out graduate degrees after completing undergrad,” Lindsay said. “Ryan is nine years my senior, and he was a young lawyer by the time I decided I would plan to attend law school after completing my bachelor’s degree. At the time, I did not know what I wanted to do with my law degree, and eventually working together just sort of came naturally.”

Ryan and Lindsay understand the impact divorce can have not only on the couple but also on family and friends. “We never pressure anyone to make the decision to pursue a divorce,” she says. “It is a very personal decision that only they can make for themselves and for their family.” After that decision is made, however, clients need the best legal advice available.

“Our first obligation is to our clients and their best interests,” Lindsay says. “That being said, having done this for so many years, we can see the big picture from the outside and try to help our clients see the impact their decisions may or may not have on themselves and their family in the long term.”

Their family relationship adds synergy to their professional partnership.

“It does not work for everyone, but if you decide to take the leap, keep an open mind and an open line of communication with each other,” she says. “Recognize and value the other’s strengths and how they balance your own weaknesses.”

Any number of firms can provide good legal counsel. In law as in families, relationships are all-important.

“It is absolutely essential to feel connected and completely trusting of your chosen counsel in a divorce or family law matter,” Lindsay says. “While at the heart of it a divorce is the ‘business’ of dividing the finances, it is also an incredibly personal experience for each and every person going through it.”

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