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The Probate team, from L-R, Sean M. Peoples,  Frank A. May  Walter A. Twachtman, Jr.  Bridget C. Gallagher  Simon J. Lebo  Nancy W. Tonucci  Timothy R.E. Keeney

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Brown, Paindiris & Scott, LLP

A Local and Multi-generational Law Firm

Attorneys Nick Paindiris and Richard Brown founded Brown Paindiris & Scott, LLP on Jan. 1, 1977. The firm has been rooted in the Glastonbury community since it opened its doors, first at Glen Lochen and at 2252 Main St., in 1996.

For over 45 years, Brown Paindiris & Scott has been devoted to its Glastonbury friends and neighbors in many different ways, including sponsoring and participating in Town events. 

The firm consists of a dedicated team of lawyers that provide comprehensive and personalized legal services in nearly every area of law.  Attorney Nick Paindiris explained that the firm’s success stems from its lawyers’ attention to detail, commitment to their clients and community, and strategic decision-making.

“We are a local law firm that is committed to the town of Glastonbury and will always be. That’s why we bought the Old Town Hall building on Main Street in 1999. We cater to and focus on the legal needs of individuals and their small businesses.” 

The firm has grown from four attorneys at its founding to twenty-four attorneys today. Former attorneys of Brown Paindiris & Scott include a former justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, a current Connecticut Superior Court Judge, a State Commissioner, and four Probate Court judges, including the current Probate Judge for Glastonbury and Hebron, Sean M. Peoples.  

The firm has also grown its legal practices over the years, especially the estate planning, probate and elder law department. The estate planning law department focuses on making sure a person’s wishes are carried out after they are gone or when they are unable to make those decisions themselves. Nick explained,

“It’s life planning. You cannot avoid death, and you want to provide for your family. You do that through a thoughtful process that protects your assets and makes sure your assets are passed on to your family.”

The firm brings this thoughtful approach to every aspect of their practice, including how to plan for its future. The firm consists of an impressive range of three generations of lawyers: with a third of its lawyers 65 years and older, a third in their 40s-50s, and a third millennials. This multigenerational team ensures that the firm can navigate complex legal issues with creative solutions, flexibility, and diversity of perspectives for a long period of time in the future.

“That arrangement is by design,” Attorney Paindiris offered, “because we intend on assuring a meaningful succession at Brown, Paindiris & Scott. We’ve been around a long time, but we foresaw that we needed to plan for the future; Like every small business, a succession plan is vital for the long-term viability of any business. The legal profession is no exception.” 

Brown, Paindiris & Scott

2252 Main St.


  • The lawyers of Brown, Paindiris & Scott
  • The Estate & Elder legal team from L-R, Frank A. May, Walter A. Twachtmann, Jr. Simon J. Lebo, Nancy W. Tonucci, Timothy R.E. Keeney.
  • The Probate team, from L-R, Sean M. Peoples,  Frank A. May  Walter A. Twachtman, Jr.  Bridget C. Gallagher  Simon J. Lebo  Nancy W. Tonucci  Timothy R.E. Keeney
  • Founding partners Nicholas Paindiris, left, and Richard Brown

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